Perhaps your career dictated where you lived for most of your adult life. Maybe this meant that you lived in an area that was further away from your family or perhaps it meant you lived in an area whose weather was more dreary than you’d prefer. Retirement can offer you more opportunities to relocate to the home and area of your choice. But how do you decide which location is the best one for your retirement?

Choosing a State
Ready to live in a more temperate climate? Here are a few great states which offer milder climates that are perfect for an active  lifestyle.

Long revered for its warm, dry weather Arizona has 90% of sunny days giving you plenty of Vitamin D which is great for your mood and overall well-being. The state also boasts varied topography and an illustrious landscape with captivating views that you and your guests are sure to enjoy. This dry state also means you can say goodbye to humidity and bugs. As an extra benefit, the total tax burden for Arizona residents is among the lowest of all the states.

California with its temperate climate offers plenty of opportunities to stay active which means retirees can more easily maintain their well-being here.  Life expectancies of Californians are among the highest in the nation.  Although California has traditionally been seen as having a higher cost of living, the state doesn’t tax social security benefits which is a boon for retirees. It has recently been named to a number of Top 10 states to retire to lists.

While Nevada is often associated with the bright lights and night life opportunities of the Las Vegas strip, this state offers much more than that for the retiree. The warm weather and proximity to the Sierra Nevada mountain range means you can play golf, swim or do just about any other activity you enjoy outdoors all year round.  In addition to a temperate climate, Nevada may just be ideal for retirement due to its policies on taxes: no state income tax or inheritance tax.

Choosing a Community
During your prime work years your community may have been largely based on where your children went to school or the location of your office. In retirement you have the opportunity to select where to live based on other factors such as the kind of people you enjoy being around. These days there are more options than ever to live in a community of like-minded people. Communities like Shea Homes at Ardiente and others offer more than just a home; they offer opportunities for socializing and temperate weather to enjoy outdoor activities all while offering luxurious accommodations.

Wherever you choose to retire, there are plenty of options so you can live the retirement you’ve been dreaming of.