The summer months are approaching quickly. With summer comes poolside barbeques, visiting grandkids and hot summer nights. All this means you are probably going to use your air conditioner more – something you will notice more as your electricity bill skyrockets. At Shea Active Lifestyle Communities, we want to free you from the worry of escalating energy costs. Summer is meant for fun, not stress.

With our new SheaXero – The No Electric Bill Home standard in every home, we free homeowners from the hassle and uncertainty of monthly electric bills so they can enjoy their retirement in a wellness, exploration and personal connection focused community.

Trilogy at Rio Vista is now offering homebuyers a chance to experience the joy of energy independence. For boomers who tour the community through June 15th, Trilogy will pay their last month’s electricity bill up to $250.

“We just invested in a new Trilogy at Rio Vista SheaXero home, and we are so excited about the eco-friendliness and energy efficiency of our new home. We’re also ready for the freedom of no longer having an electric bill and planning what we’re going to do with the savings every month,” said William and Vivian Cade, Trilogy buyers.

To learn more about how you can tour Trilogy at Rio Vista and have your last month’s electricity bill paid, call 888-636-9701.

To learn more about what goes into a SheaXero home visit the SheaXero website.