Meet Trilogy Homeowners Sam and Sally.

Sally – Sally is vibrant and caring, with a generous heart. She loves being involved in her community, but still has time to spend with her wonderful husband, Sam.

Sam – Sam is young at heart, extremely business savvy, and has a sense of humor that will have you chuckling long after your conversations with him.

These two have been together through thick and thin, and the subject that seems to come up to talk about the most these day – How much they love their home at Trilogy!

When Sam and Sally first began looking for a new place to call home, everything came together perfectly once they found Trilogy.

“We’re very happy to be here. It was probably the best move we ever made, and everything fell into place. We didn’t have any hold ups anywhere,” said Sally.

An Open Oasis

What immediately drew Sally to her Trilogy home was the layout, which was perfect for having her family over for visits.

“We have a very open floor plan. The only portions of the house that are actually closed off are the front bedroom and the back bedroom, which lends great privacy for us and our guests. Everything else is very open! The den, eating area and kitchen are all almost one big room, and that all leads to our beautiful back porch.”

Plenty to Love

There is plenty to love about a Trilogy design, but every person seems to find something special about their home.

Sally’s favorite part of the house is the center, which features wonderful space for her to enjoy the family. Sam, on the other hand, appreciates the home’s energy-efficient features. He loves the superior insulation, solar attic fans, 15.00 SEER air conditioner, all natural gas and recycled outdoor water. Best of all, he says the energy efficient difference is reflected directly in the cost.

“Our electricity bill here is nothing like the bill we had in our last house.”

The Trilogy Lifestyle

When asked what Trilogy has most afforded them, Sam and Sally are grateful for their free time. “We get to use our time the way we want to use it now,” explained Sam.

Sally donates most of her time to the animal shelter and both she and Sam foster cats and dogs throughout the year. As for Sam, he enjoys spending his time at the members’ club, Magnolia House, which is less than half a mile from his home.

Now,  if Sam and Sally aren’t traveling in their motorhome, they are attending special community events, like last week’s concert with the Rat Pack at Magnolia House. But, it doesn’t stop there.

“They have all kinds of events at the club house from tennis tournaments and pickleball tournaments to virtual golf. Every Tuesday, we have a Texas Hold’em game. It’s just a friendly game, which is mostly about fun and talking. And, in fact, tonight is prime rib night at the restaurant,” explained Sam.

“Between the swimming pool, all the amenities and the club house, Trilogy rivals subdivisions that are five times more expensive. I’ve been to some really exclusive country clubs, and let me tell you, they don’t have a whole lot on this place.”

Life that’s Uniquely Theirs

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather in Groveland this spring, Sam and Sally spend their time soaking up the sunshine and fresh mornings with their two dogs.

“We wake up every morning and take them for a walk. This place is so big that we walk about a mile, and we never leave the community. That’s a really great feature of Trilogy. There is so much gorgeous, roaming land that if you have animals, there’s no excuse not to take them out and walk them.”

An Active Community

Sally loves seeing her neighbors getting active and taking advantage of the community’s beautiful hills and scenery. She especially enjoys seeing her neighbor’s dog happily running alongside his owner’s golf cart for some fresh air in the mornings.

“People are either walking, biking, jogging or walking their dogs. You can actually go out and take advantage of the nice weather, and that’s what we like to see. It’s good to see people getting out.”

Sam and Sally’s community at Trilogy Orlando is peaceful and quiet, but they also enjoy their busy, exciting days when their five children and seven grandchildren come to visit.

A big reason why the kids love to visit their grandparents?

“They’ve discovered the pool,” said Sally. But they’re not the only ones. “There are quite a few people who bring their grandchildren out to the pool area. During the summer, they can stay with the grandparents or the aunts and uncles, but everyone is so well-behaved.”

Overall, Sam and Sally both agree that their community is full of friendly faces, relaxing atmospheres and the opportunity to have fun with friends and family, and ultimately pursue your dreams. In our opinion, that is what life should be about anyway.

We welcome Sally and Sam with open arms, and we thank them for sharing their Trilogy story with us and you.