Are you tired of the treadmill?  Are you weary of workout videos?  Mix up your fitness routine by trying out a group exercise class!  Fitness classes offer a number of benefits that individual exercise simply can’t provide, including social interaction, professional guidance, and motivation from your fellow members.  Group exercise classes challenge you to work out beyond your perceived limitations. Since everyone around you is exercising toward the same goal, you are likely to work out harder in a group setting than you would on your own – and with energizing music and friends around you, you’re likely to have fun doing it!

If you haven’t yet tried a fitness class at your community – or if it’s been a while since you’ve checked out the fitness class schedule, read on to discover just a handful of the group exercise classes at the Trilogy, Encanterra, and Ardiente communities that will get you motivated to move!  Then check the Events page to see the current classes that are being offered at your community.  Have fun and get fit!

Energizing Exercise at Encanterra

Golf Stretch:  Improving your balance and flexibility is beneficial to your golf game. In this class, balance exercises are performed to warm up the entire body, followed by flexibility exercises with an emphasis on the muscles used in golf.  This class is for appropriate for all levels, and is beneficial to everyone.  Whether you golf or play bridge, you will benefit!  This is the perfect pre-golf workout.

Boot Camp:  This highly effective calorie-burning class is perfect for those who have been working out to the same old routine and are ready to take their fitness to the next level.  This workout moves quickly from one exercise to the next with little or no rest.  We encourage you to take breaks on your own as needed.  We will use everything we can think of in this workout, from weights to medicine balls.  We will even take it outdoors!

Fun Fitness at Monarch Dunes

Body Fit:  Using a variety of equipment including dumbbells, benches, resist-a-bands, stability balls and mini-balls, this class sculpts the entire body while incorporating both stationary and moving exercises.  This class will help increase your strength and muscle tone, and also increase your metabolism to burn more calories.

Zumba:  A fun dance aerobic class that uses Latin and International music and rhythms to create a party-like atmosphere while you sweat and burn calories!  The routines are easy to follow so all fitness levels and ages can join!  Join the party and spice up your life with a little Zumba Fitness!

Toning and Tightening at Redmond Ridge

Body Core & Cardio:  Designed to strengthen the large and small muscles of the body, improve overall core strength/balance, and improve cardiovascular fitness. Using interval-training techniques, your body will be strengthened and toned by performing functional muscle movements incorporating dynamic balance and stability.  Each exercise is demonstrated by the instructor and broken down into different difficulty levels so that every fitness level is addressed. As your strength and balance improve, your ability to progress into more challenging movements is accommodated.

H2O Core:  This excellent water experience is appropriate for all fitness levels. Your instructor will lead you through a range of different movements and intensity levels that will incorporate long and short interval training. A focus on core and abdominal strength will be added to enhance your water fitness. Burn calories, challenge your muscles, and increase your flexibility all without stressing your joints.

Meaningful Movement at Rio Vista

Arthritis Foundation Program: All of the exercises taught in this class were developed by physical therapists specifically for people with arthritis and related conditions. Classes are structured, progressive, and have a standardized format. This low-impact class can be taken either sitting or standing, whichever is most comfortable. The gentle, joint-safe exercises help relieve stiffness and decrease arthritis pain.

Adaptive Yoga Workout:  This is an all around exercise program that is simple and safe! We’ll use some light weights, small exercise balls, and bands while sitting in a chair. We’ll also complete some easy exercises while standing (or sitting, if you’d prefer).  Those with lower back problems or arthritis will see improvement with a rhythmic range of motion.  Modifications can be made throughout the class as needed. Some light yoga stretches will improve your flexibility. Go at your own pace and have fun while making new friends.

Dance and Define at Ardiente

Tap Dancing Class:  Has it been a while since you’ve worn tap shoes?  Not to worry!  All levels of experience (including true beginners) are welcome to join in the fun, as we put our tap moves to simple routines.  The class is currently working on a tap routine to “Shake Your Groove Thing.” Our classes include a warm up, followed by tap steps across the floor, practicing our tap routine, and finally, a cool down.  Some of the students have just started with hard sole shoes.  Feel free to drop in anytime!

Strength & Conditioning:  Learn the fundamentals of weight training and cardio.  Learn how to use all cardio, weight machines and free weights.  This class will also cover circuit training, nutrition and weight loss and is open to all ages and skill levels.

Quick Calorie Busters at The Vineyards

You don’t have to spend all day the gym for great results.  Try some of the Express Classes at Vineyards for effective, 30-minute workouts to keep you in top form.

Express Aqua Cardio & Core:  Aqua Cardio and Core is a 30-minute class consisting of cardio and core movements in the water, designed to burn calories and strengthen your core.

Abs & Back Express:  Strengthen your abdominals and lower back muscles in this quick, effective 30-minute workout.

Express Cardio:  Express cardio is a 30-minute workout incorporating fun, low-impact cardio exercises.  All levels are welcome!

Wellness Workouts at Orlando

Tai Chi & Qigong: This class will take you through a series of mental and physical movements that can help to prevent and correct ailments, reverse the aging process, and improve all functions of the body.  Benefits of Qigong include normal regulation of blood pressure; improved balance, flexibility, strength and coordination; increased focus and concentration; weight management; management of chronic pain; improved mental health; and longevity.

BodySmart Circuit Training:  If you’ve looked into BodySmart and wondered how to use the equipment, then this is the class for you!   Circuit training is a combination of body conditioning, resistance training, and fun, low impact aerobics set to upbeat music.  This circuit class was created to be easy to follow and to target strength building as well as muscular endurance. An exercise “circuit” is one completion of all exercises in the program and utilizes all of the strength equipment in our BodySmart exercise studio. When one circuit is complete, the first exercise is started again for another circuit.

Stretching and Strengthening at Vistancia

Complete Fitness:  Complete Fitness is a full-body workout incorporating chairs, lightweight dumbbells, bands, and balls to improve strength, balance, flexibility and mobility. This is a great class for the first-time exerciser, but it can also be modified to challenge those who are more physically active. It’s the perfect class for everyone!

Stretch & Restore:  Bring balance to your practice by allowing your body and mind time to renew and restore.  This 75-minute class is designed to lengthen your muscles and restore your nervous system through deep stretches and the healing aspects of restorative postures.  Great for all levels!

If you’re currently a Trilogy Member, check out the Events page of to see all of the exciting exercise classes that are currently being offered.  Have fun and get fit!