If you cherish your morning and evening routine, a master bathroom that is elegant yet efficient, peaceful yet stunning might be one of your highest priorities when purchasing a new home. At Trilogy®, you’ll get to select the elements of this serene space to make it your very own. Choose the floorplan with the master bath configuration that you love first, then comes the fun part: designing your ultimate sanctuary.

Check some of the latest trends in master bathroom design (some of which come from the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2016 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends Report) for a little inspiration:

Neutral Colors – Cool, calming hues such as white, off-white, and gray are the most popular colors in master bathrooms today. Beiges and bones as well as browns, blues, and greens are also in style.

Transitional Style – The most common bathroom style is transitional (described by HGTV as a “marriage of traditional and contemporary styles and characterized by curves combined with simple, straight lines, a neutral color palette, and a minimalist approach”). A close second is contemporary, which borrows some modern design principles but incorporates current design trends and materials, and tends to feature sleek, unadorned style.

Top-notch Amenities – Many buyers seek a master bathroom that is both functional and soothing—a space that transforms the daily routine into a luxury. The amenities you choose are a big part of that. Think soft-close toilet lids, dimmer light switches, separate handheld showerheads for easy cleaning, and other conveniences that make life easier, such as concealed electrical outlets.

Oversized Showers – Large showers with a bench add to the lavishness of a master bathroom, and many buyers are even forgoing the bathtub altogether in favor of a colossal, dual-head, walk-in shower. For those who do install a tub, the freestanding soaking tub is a popular choice, as is the whirlpool tub.

Interesting Tile Patterns – Unique tile patterns add an attractive focal point to the master bathroom, and while you can’t go wrong with classic patterns like straight lay, diagonal, and brick lay, designers these days are embracing many other types of layouts. Check out on-trend patterns such as chevron, herringbone, checkerboard, diamond with a center accent tile, basket weave, modular, and others.

Comforting Touches – There are many ways to achieve luxury and tranquility in the master bathroom. Great layout, thoughtful design, and ambiance-enhancing features – from a grand vanity with double vessel sinks to chic lighting and calming colors – take the space from function to beauty. If you’re working with a designer, seek his or her suggestions for elements that create a relaxing and stylish atmosphere you’ll love using each day.

Because of the numerous finish selections – from different tiles for the floor, wall, backsplash, and shower, to all of the fixtures and hardware – and the wide range of style options, designing a master bathroom can be daunting. With the Trilogy design team, this process is streamlined, easy, and fun! We’ll talk through ideas, options/upgrades, and budget, help you discover your style, lay out your priorities, and design a gorgeous master bathroom that you’re proud to show off and couldn’t live without!

tlblog-twr-brasada-model-master-bathThe Brasada Model Master Bath at Trilogy Wickenburg Ranch

twr-latigo-model-master-bathThe Latigo Model Master Bath at Trilogy Wickenburg Ranch