One of the most exciting aspects of buying a new home at Trilogy is the opportunity to create a gorgeous new kitchen – the heart of your home. Browsing through photos online and in home magazines is a great way to get ideas and envision the kitchen of your dreams. Need more inspiration? Here are some of the hottest trends in kitchen design today:

Multiple Color Schemes – Designers are seeing more kitchens with pops of color throughout, such as bordering walls in brighter colors, a section of accent cabinets, or glass-front cabinets with interiors painted in vibrant hues. Colored fixtures are even coming back, with sinks in colors like blue and green.

Statement Backsplashes – Backsplashes can add “wow” factor to your kitchen, and designers today say that ceramic tile, natural stone, and glass tile are top picks. Contrasting colors is a great way to go – a darker tile combined with lighter cabinets – but the all-white or all-light look remains a current trend- white cabinets with white or light-colored backsplash.

Combining Cabinet Colors – Many interior designers recommend mixing and matching cabinets: a black island paired with cabinets in a warmer wood everywhere else, a dark espresso-stained island with white cabinets elsewhere, or gray base cabinets paired with white or lighter-toned upper cabinets.

Customized Storage Solutions – Functionality of cabinetry is the name of the game these days. Today’s kitchen designs make organization easy. Think spice drawers, pullout trash and recycling bins, cutlery dividers in drawers, tilt-panel sink fronts for sponges and other cleaning supplies, appliance garages to keep the toaster and blender out of sight, and rollout drawers for pots and pans.

Under- and Over-Cabinet Lighting – Designers and homeowners today seek well-lit kitchens, but not just ceiling and pendant lighting. Cabinets with LED strips underneath establish workspace lighting for preparing meals, while also creating a warm, inviting mood. Lighting above cabinets is also popular, adding ambiance.

Bells and Whistles – Today’s homeowners love features that make life easier – like touch-activated and pullout faucets and tech-enabled appliances that allow you to start the dishwasher  or check the contents of your fridge from your smartphone. Don’t forget dedicated charging stations for all of the electronics you own.

Thoughtful Design – State-of-the-art kitchens today emulate the restaurant design, offering a natural flow from task station to task station and a place for everything. Large islands with ample prep space and accessible appliances (think counter height microwave) allow the everyday homeowner to cook like a chef. Check out the Shea3D Kitchens at Trilogy in this video.

Decorative Elements – The trend today is to create an open-concept kitchen, great room, and dining room, bringing livability and comfort to people’s homes. To add style and warmth, homeowners are incorporating design features found throughout the rest of their homes – posts, crown molding above the cabinets, corbels, and wainscoting, for example.

If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of designing your kitchen, don’t worry. At Trilogy, our experienced design team has perfected the art of getting to know new homeowners, understanding their tastes, lifestyle, and priorities, and guiding them through the design process step by step. The end result will not only be stunning, it will reflect exactly who YOU are!