South Cape of AfricaTrilogy homeowners Paul and Lavone Oldale enjoyed a small sense of community at their home in California, but struggled with the remote location and limited access to resources. But, how can you enjoy a home that is close to a large city, but still maintain that tight-knit sense of community? Enter Shea Homes at Ardiente, a top 55+ community in Las Vegas that is only minutes from the Las Vegas strip, yet tucked away amid the natural beauty of the Mojave Desert in a quiet corner of the Las Vegas Valley.

Learn more about Paul and Lavone Oldale’s experience at Shea Homes at Ardiente.

Our move to Ardiente was unplanned and unexpected.  We were living happily in a small community in the Sierra foothills of California.  We were 65 miles from a city that had shopping and medical facilities.  Driving 65-70 miles one way to shops and doctors was getting to be too much of a drive for us.  I had begun talking to my husband, Paul, about looking at communities outside of California as it was becoming an expensive state to live in.

We were coming to Las Vegas to visit my son and his family, and I suggested we look at some 55+ communities while we were here.  This was just to get familiar with the concept of active senior living and see what they offered.  We had never considered this type of community before, and it was just a thought that popped into my mind.  I began looking on the internet to see what communities were in the Las Vegas area.

I decide this type of living was something I wanted to see for myself.  I contacted a realtor to show us some properties in Henderson, NV.  However, he was short of time the day we were in town so we decided to look at properties in North Las Vegas.  He first showed us some Del Webb houses and they were very nice.  Then, he brought us to Ardiente!

My husband and I liked what we saw, especially the fact that they were energy-efficient.  We looked at them before Solar was automatically included.  Paul was impressed with the quality of workmanship in the construction.  I liked the features and beauty of the homes.  We were certain this is where we wanted to live after a 20 minute visit.  We signed papers the next day to purchase a home in Ardiente, North Las Vegas.

I was in shock, because I thought this was going to be a research visit; just to find out about this type of living.  I couldn’t quite grasp the fact that we had actually signed a contract.  When we returned to California and told our friends, family and neighbors, they were all in shock.  No one saw this coming, not even us.  Three months later we were in our new home.  We have had no regrets.

Shea Homes are good value.  We wanted solar energy, but didn’t think it was something we could afford.  We were ecstatic when we found it was very affordable in Shea Homes.  Our electric bill is now zero– wow!

Paul got involved in the hiking group and now leads many of the hikes; he is also involved in our community watch program.  I like going to the gym most mornings, playing cards and getting involved with many of the community activities.   We have a beautiful home with wonderful friends and neighbors, more activities than we have time for.

It was the right decision for us; we are so glad to be living in a Shea home.

Shea Homes at Ardiente is located in North Las Vegas, where many people only dream of living. The setting for your life’s next amazing adventure is set amidst the serenity of the southwestern desert, yet surrounded by the excitement and splendor of one of the world’s top travel destinations – Las Vegas. With over 292 sunny days per year that only partially explains why the attitude around here is so bright.

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