When you ask someone “What’s it like to date after 50?,” more often than not the response is… “It sucks!”

Frankly, no matter what your age, dating is one of those necessary evils required for finding the man or woman of your dreams and falling hopelessly in love.  (Do you laugh reading that? Has life made the idea of “falling hopelessly in love” more absurd?) Realistically, if you are back to dating, you still secretly hope to find eternal love and happiness, but dating can absolutely “suck,” for lack of a better word.

Take this woman’s dating story from CNN.com for example. She chronicles her most recent dating adventures, which have challenged her sense of humor and if nothing else proven her persevering spirit.  What she walks away with at the end of the day, though, is experience and knowledge — that which she has shared in a few easy to remember tips.

Get Back Up on the Dating Horse:

It certainly can be difficult to get back into the dating scene. However, usually after some probing, most people come to realize that getting older isn’t what makes dating more or less enjoyable. In fact, depending on your personality type, you’ve probably always liked or disliked dating. What does change now that you are more mature, is that you are less likely to invest time to get to know someone that doesn’t seem to be immediately compatible.  Time is of the essence. Within the first few moments of meeting and talking with someone, you are likely to know whether it is a match that will last for the long run.

Now, you know exactly what you want, and you aren’t willing to waste time with someone who doesn’t have your “non-negotiable.” Those are the key aspects you absolutely cannot live without. Whether you love dogs, getting up bright and early for a morning walks or simply enjoy lively conversations, you know you must find a life partner that complements your active lifestyle.

You are looking for the next great love of your life. So remember, even though its hard, it will be worth it in the end!