Maintaining your well-being is critical to maximize your vitality so you can do everything you want.  Taking a holistic view to your health will help you create a great foundation. Residents of Trilogy at La Quinta have access to health and wellness tips from our naturopath, Dr. Amy Whittington.  One of the building blocks for health advocated by our naturopathic doctor is having the right vitamins present in your body. While it’s ideal to get all the vitamins you need through your diet, sometimes you just need an extra boost through supplements.

Overall Well-Being
Vitamin C is a great all purpose vitamin. This super vitamin is not only useful for overall immune system wellness but is also known to aid in the prevention of many types of cancer. This vitamin also activates other supplements making them even more powerful. The body can only absorb approximately 500 milligrams at a time so be sure to take small amounts throughout the day. You can also buy Vitamin C in time-release form so you receive the maximum amount of benefit without extra effort. To boost your overall health you may also want to take Vitamins A and E which offer benefits for many health purposes. If you prefer to take your vitamins in one easy dose you may want to take a well-balanced multivitamin.

Maintain Your Vision
As you age, decreased visual acuity and the more serious macular degeneration become common for even the most vision blessed person. Taking care of your eye health through regular eye exams is a great way to start. Studies have shown that some of the best vitamins for maximum eye health as you age include Vitamins C and E in large doses along with beta carotene.

Take Care of Your Skin
Antioxidant Vitamin E provides just the right kind of moisture to help keep your skin hydrated. Another useful vitamin for the skin is Vitamin A which aids in skin regeneration and provides anti-aging benefits which means you can spend less on fancy creams and more on travel, socializing with friends or your favorite past time.  Of course, taking care of your skin by wearing sunscreen and a daily washing and moisturizing routine will help preserve your skin so make sure to keep that up.

As always, be sure to check with your physician before taking any supplements or beginning any health program.