The Good Life Festival is thrilled to announce REO Speedwagon and Starship will be performing live next weekend at Encanterra Country Club March 23rd. So far, you’ve heard a lot about REO Speedwagon, but let’s take a closer look at musical guest, Starship.

If you aren’t familiar, Starship is one of the most iconic rock bands from the eighties, recording several of the decade’s biggest anthems, including “We Built This City”, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” and “Sara”. While the band’s history goes back to the sixties, the lineup of performers still rocking out to these hits today was started in 1979. At that time, Mickey Thomas joined Paul Kantner to resurrect Jefferson Starship.

As Starship’s band website explains, “Mickey’s voice had become legendary after recording “Fooled Around and Fell in Love” with the Elvin Bishop Band. At one point, Mikey was even considering  and he was planning to pursue a solo career, but Jefferson Starship quickly proved to be the right decision as they recorded their first hit, “Jane”, almost immediately after getting together. Grace Slick rejoined the band in 1981, and when Paul Kantner left in 1984 it inspired Mickey and Grace to change the band’s name to just Starship.”

Starship’s video classics such as “We Built This City” and “Sara” have become synonmous with the 80’s, and we absolutely love it. Take a look at this video to get ready for next weekend, and to practice your toe tapping!

For more information, visit The Good Life Festival Website or purchase REO Speedwagon and Starship tickets today!