Though some of us are still seeing frost on the window each morning, before we know it spring will be here – and with it the fashion trends of a new season.  If you’d like to add some new life to your wardrobe this spring, but aren’t sure where to start, turn to for some fabulous fashion advice.  Created by Tina “Boomerina” Gregoire, a member of Trilogy at Redmond Ridge, this website strives to “help Baby Boomer women find their footing, find their voices, and find fashion that fits.”

Below you’ll find excerpts from style-savvy articles written by Tina Gregoire.  These articles highlight the latest looks for Baby Boomer women, how to incorporate new trends into your wardrobe, and which fashion flings are best to skip this spring.  Click the links at the end of each excerpt to view the full articles on

Color Your Wardrobe

Baby, I love color.  I love writing about colors… and I think it’s because I grew up in the Pacific Northwest.

When you don’t get much sunshine in midwinter, you either have to go to Hawaii to stock up on vitamin D – or you have to dream about (and maybe buy some) bright, sunny colors.  And, that’s how I’m feeling right now.  Hey, with interest income at zero, I think I’m better off charging a couple of items than trying to talk dear husband into taking me to Maui right now.

It’s time to start lusting after those new spring colors for 2013 fashion.  Pantone (the world-renowned authority on color) has come up with some gorgeous colors for this year…

From Emerald Green to Monaco Blue, click here to discover the top color picks of 2013 in the full article on

Tap into the Tribal Trends

If you’ve been online at all this year, you’ve probably noticed that the current tribal trend is on fire. You can find all kinds of tribal print clothing, jewelry, and accessories. But, there is more than one kind of ethnic tribal fashion.

If you are a Baby Boomer woman, you may be familiar with many of the indigenous styles from around the world. Yep. Lots of these trendy types of clothing and jewelry were worn back when we were hippies… ummm… I mean when we were boho-chic-freaks. You say you missed the tribal trend the first time around because you lived in Ohio during the 70s. Well, fear not. I’ll walk you through them…

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Go for Baroque

Baroque fashion started hot and heavy in the Fall of 2012 and it’s not over yet.  So, hang onto your ornately embellished hats for the rest of 2013.

To understand Baroque style, try to visualize the clothing worn by the Italian or French royalty just a hair before Marie Antoinette was eating cake, and then throw in some elaborate silks fashioned into Florentine scroll patterns… only imagine this pattern in gold embroidery on black velvet or silver thread on pale French blue.

The word Baroque has become a synonym for excessively flamboyant, exceedingly busy, overly decorated, and somewhat pretentious… and you don’t want that.  What you do want is that little extra kick that comes from a few well-placed gold sequins or that extra smidge of pleasure that you get from wearing a classically elegant old-world design…

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Look Lovely in Lace

One of the brilliant new trends of 2013 is feminine, glamorous lace.  Sure there are ways you can wear the lace trend all wrong, but lace is very flattering as long as you remember that you are over 40 or 50… and you are not going Easter egg hunting, not going to Cinderella’s ball, and not going to be flamenco dancing on some table after having a bit too much wine (I hope).

If you are looking for something to wear to a wedding or a swank cocktail party, an all-over lace dress is great, and you can make a dress more casual by wearing it with a leather jacket, leggings, and some funky boots. However, to get maximum ROI (return on investment), just add one or two little lacy pieces to your existing wardrobe…

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Get an Instant Update with Accessories

It’s time to update your look with one or two cute, trendy accessories, because little things are the cheapest, easiest way to make yourself look good and feel happy. Let’s get your style ready for spring 2013.

I’ve read a bunch o’ magazines and traveled the far reaches of the internet to find trends that you, a Baby Boomer chick, can wear without looking like you mugged some teenybopper on her way to Walmart to get her plastic jewelry…

Click here to discover link jewelry, pastel accessories, structured bags and so much more on

Top it Off with a Fabulous Hat

There are so many options for sun hats, and I’m a confirmed “hat freak,” so you’ve come to the right place for unbiased women’s hat information. I wear hats every single day, year round. My husband says I have 100 hats (including little toques that cost $6), but I think he’s exaggerating.  Some of my hats are cheap; some are expensive.  Hey, I’m worth it.

If you’re just looking for a chic little hat that will keep people from noticing your wrinkles, you can get a trendy topper for around $20 (or less).  However, you need to spend more than that to get “decent-to-really-good” sun protection…

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