South Africa – That’s where Shea Homes’ members, Paul & Lavone Oldale, spent a thrilling three weeks. And before that, Paul donned his snowshoes in Antarctica!

The Oldales have been gallivanting around the world from one exotic place to another, living their lives with a resounding sense of adventure. Next on their traveling itinerary is a month-long trip in the Caribbean, followed by an adventurous excursion traipsing through the Amazon.

How are they able to afford it? Not having to pay an electric bill every month helps. Paul and Lavone own a SheaXero™ No Electric Bill Home, which virtually eliminates monthly electricity bills. These homes combine solar power and 14 energy efficient features that can save homeowners up to $3,000 a year.

“I have friends that pay up to $400 in the summer for their electric bill, and mine has been next to nothing,” said Paul. “For anyone who’s on the fence about getting a SheaXero home, I’d tell them to look and consider long and hard before living anywhere else. That is huge savings.”

Paul and Lavone used to own an expansive property in the rural Sierra Nevadas, but now they enjoy their active lifestyle and the proximity to modern conveniences found at Ardiente by Shea Homes in Las Vegas.

“When we lived in the mountains, we were 65 miles away from stores or anything else. As Lavone and I started getting older, we figured it was time to move a little closer to the city and be near our kids. Shea Homes at Ardiente was the only community we visited, but we fell in love at first sight. Saving money on the utility bill is really what drew us in. Everywhere else you look, people are paying a lot more.”

For Boomers living on a fixed income, the money saved with SheaXero homes allows homeowners to enhance their lives and fulfill life-long dreams. Through well thought-out floor plans, superior construction, and energy efficient features, including Energy Star® appliances, Trane® energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, low-E vinyl windows, blown-in insulation and more, SheaXero homes can offset energy consumption based on a typical household of two.

“For active people like the Oldales, saving extra money with SheaXero homes can easily enhance members’ lives,” said Ryan Smith, sales manager at Shea Homes at Ardiente. “Mr. Oldale and his wife are traveling around the world, and that is the kind of freedom we know SheaXero can provide. Members have more financial flexibility, and that freedom can be extremely invigorating.”

As Paul puts it, SheaXero is one of the many things that has enabled him to finally live the life he’s always wanted. “You can go through life feeling down, but it’s never going to change anything. You’ve got to embrace life and have as much fun as you can… while you can.”

Make it your New Year’s resolution to dream big and live your life to the fullest.

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