Homeowners at Trilogy at Lake Frederick have the potential to save millions of dollars combined on their electric bills in the decade ahead, thanks to energy-saving programs like SheaSolar.

It’s all about saving green while going green. SheaSolar homes feature up to a 4-kilowatt solar system that harnesses that sun’s energy and reduces dependence on external energy sources. It all leads to a drastic drop in the monthly utility bill.

Of course, Trilogy at Lake Frederick homeowners can erase their bill altogether if they opt to build their home with the optional SheaXero package, which draws on additional energy efficient features to completely eliminate electric bills.

These advanced technologies create energy-efficient homes—without compromising the stylish design Trilogy is famous for.

After 10 years of electric-bill-free living, the first 1,000 SheaSolar and SheaXero homes will save $9.2 million on electric bills, enough gas to take 8,000 cars off the road and enough trees planted to fill Central Park 30 times.

That kind of innovation is a bright idea.

More About SheaSolar:

SheaSolar offers solar systems that are exclusively sized to fit your home.

  • The Aspen which is a 1678 square foot home includes a 2.5-kilowatt system.
  • The Refresh which is a 1885 square foot home includes a 3.0-kilowatt system.
  • The Nice which is a 2,057 square foot home includes a 3.0-kilowatt system.
  • The Elate which is a 2,151 square foot home includes a 3.5-kilowatt system.
  • The Hawthorne which is a 2,628 square foot home includes a 4.0-kilowatt system.

More About SheaXero:

The secret is a balance of give and take: SheaXero homes typically produce as much as they use. Combined with over 15 other energy-efficient features, it all comes together to essentially remove electric costs.