168It’s a widely known fact that those who come to live at Shea Homes at Ardiente, a 55+ community in North Las Vegas, love where they live. Some homeowners say it’s the reason why they’ve rediscovered their passions, how they’ve made new deep friendships, found their true love, or even say that their community has helped them save money and live a greener lifestyle with its SheaXero – No Electric Bill Homes. No matter what the reason, Ardiente has created an environment to help residents live life to the fullest. One resident, Gerry Phillips, loves were he lives so much he wrote a poem.


This place in North Las Vegas, Ardiente is the name,
Is home for active seniors who are still in the game,
These single family homes are on a lot that fits the size
Of the couples’ careful planning without a compromise.

The area is surrounded by a wall and a guarded gate
So you can feel secured even when you stay out late.
The friendly guards greet you with dignity and skill
As if you are the manager who always pays the bill

A club house for meetings or socializing with others
Or working out tired muscles that can be such a bother
A pool, spa and bar-b-cue can help you really relax
After a day of working on your income tax.

Six parks sit conspicuously throughout the place
So those residents can stroll at a leisurely pace.
The wining trails are landscaped and neat
To welcome those weary and tired achy feet.

There’s even a dog park with grass and a fence
So you can relax, not stay in suspense.
Your four footed friends can run carefree and wild
While Granddad and Grandma can act like a child.

Shea Homes is the builder and their people are good,
It’s really amazing what they’ve done with plain wood.
They’re well trained and function like a well oiled machine
And they steer you and guide you and never get mean

So come take a visit, there’s much more to tell,
You might decide that here you can dwell.
It’s time to take roots in your new home
Join others like you, no more need to roam.

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