Ah yes, the great workout debate. Which overall fitness class is the best choice for you? Is it the rhythm of Zumba or the balance of yoga? Our bodies, like our personalities, have preferences and strengths. Therefore, finding the most suitable workout to fit your goals is important to your overall health. Most importantly, a balanced exercise solution is a must to avoid injury and over exertion on your body. Our Trilogy communities provide a gym or athletic club as well as personal clubs, which means members have plenty of variety. But how do you decide which exercises are right for you?  Here are three fitness classes that are interchangeable and useful for your health and well-being.

Fitness Classes for a Balanced Exercise Routine

Staying active is important, that’s a fact. Before jumping into your gym’s weekly fitness schedule, check with your doctor. Here are recommended courses that will keep your heart pumping, build stamina and bring balance to your life.


Did you know cardio can help ward off dementia and cardiovascular disease? Start with aerobics to build endurance and overall strength- these include walking, running, swimming, cycling and even dancing. Opt for at least 150 minutes of cardio a week, that’s roughly three 60-minute cardio workouts a week. The most important thing to consider is your health, therefore, if this is one of your first attempts at a fast-paced gym glass, try it in moderation. Other cardio opportunities for a healthy heart rate are five to 10 minute walks or jogs with a friend or a casual run on the treadmill, both will help you build endurance.

Strength Training


Being one of the “oldest disciplines” to build strength, this approach provides endless benefits for your health and physique. In tandem with aerobics or cardio, strength training burns calories but more so, fat! This is essential to increase your muscle-to-fat ratio. The more muscle one has the more calories are burned even when your body is resting. What exactly does strength training do? Well first, it is not just for muscle builders or Olympic athletes.  It is important for anyone, at any age to build stronger bones, achieve balance, burn fat and improve posture. Strength training exercise courses include the use of weights, resistance bands or exercise machines. For a full body experience try group courses that require the use of hand weights and your own body weight. What’s great about strength or “power” training? Day-to-day activities become more efficient, simple actions more doable and your body more able to handle speed and reaction time.


You don’t have to be a yogi to appreciate yoga and its endless health benefits. One thing is for certain- yoga challenges your body. Angie Negrete-Markle, Relaxing Yoga Instructor at Shea Homes at Ardiente  wrote in her Good Life post, Finding Flexibility Through Yoga, “with gentle stretching, the body is able to regain some of the elasticity that it has lost through the years of not stretching. Think of the ligaments like rubber bands: the more you stretch them, the more pliable they become…Yoga has so many valuable health benefits, and gaining flexibility is just one of them.” Over time, your body loses its ability to stay limber. Many who sit idle at desk jobs or on the computer will find the practice of yoga particularly useful to improving mind & body. Yoga stretching helps the body relax from head to toe. Another important factor- Yoga helps you focus on your breathing technique, one of the most common exercise mistakes!

There are a variety of different fitness courses from Bikram yoga (piping hot at 105 degree heat and 40% humidity), Hatha yoga (gentle and stable movements), Anusara yoga (focus on heart opening poses) & many more! Check with your Trilogy community clubs or local yoga center to see which one’s are offered as well as best suited around your goals.

When combined, cardio, strength training and yoga make for a workout trifecta, bringing together endurance, balance and flexibility to your life. Remember to take each fitness class opportunity in stride to make sure each exercise is completed to the best of your ability. Besides the health benefits, a great fitness course is a positive in your life and is a wonderful opportunity to work out with neighbors or meet new people!

What fitness class have you tried and thoroughly enjoyed? Share in the comments below.