“The hottest trend in home design is not limited to wow-factor kitchens, master-suite bathrooms with soaking tubs or the family-friendly great room. Instead, a solid trend in home design is one where homes are built with energy efficiency and sustainable materials in mind,” according to a Zillow.com article.

And, it’s true.

In fact, research shows that the both the supply and demand for green and eco-friendly homes are on the rise among new buyers hunting for the home of their dreams.

Take it from home shoppers Mimi and Bob who are looking to move to Trilogy Orlando in Groveland, Florida in February. “People first ask us how Trilogy compares to our current 55 plus community. We always start off by saying the No-Cost SheaXero is a fabulous feature because it eliminates monthly electric costs! It’s one of the main draws and why Trilogy is a different kind of community.”

Saving More While Paying Less

According to a recent study by The American Institute of Architects, there’s been a steady increase in requests for energy-efficient products and energy management systems in new homes, including solar panels and more.

The growing need for green homes has been spurred by the number of Boomers who’ve realized buying a green home isn’t strictly about saving the environment. It also makes sound, financial sense for those living on fixed incomes and dealing with the uncertainty of escalating energy costs.

As one columnist from The Daily Start put it, “going green” is different in every region and most consumers are looking for immediate and personal benefits like paying less for utility bills.

SheaXero – No Electric Bills and No Need to Compromise         

The best part of owning a SheaXero- No Electric Bill Home ™ is that you don’t have to choose between savings, design or functionality.

With SheaXero, Trilogy by Shea Homes has employed revolutionary, energy-efficient features and a SolarCity® power system to produce as much energy as it uses, saving homeowners up to $3,000 a year. While many other homebuilders charge up to $40,000 for SheaXero features, Shea includes it as a standard at no cost to homebuyers.  No Electric Bill. No Charge. No Kidding.

“When I heard about the SheaXero program, I was astonished that it came with the home,” explained Shea Homes at Ardiente resident, Janet. “Right now I am paying roughly $450 each month during the summer to cool my home. Knowing that my electric bill will be dropped to almost zero was a no-brainer for me.

Want to learn more about SheaXero? Call 1(800)685-6494  today to find out more about Trilogy and Shea Homes’ energy-efficient programs at one of our luxurious, 55+ community near you.

Please note that homes in our Washington and Florida communities offer SheaXero as an option.