With the arrival of May, we’re long past the 6 more weeks of winter Punxsutawney Phil predicted this year.  The beginning of May is a time most of us look forward to as it heralds in warmer weather and everything that comes with it. Today also happens to be May Day, a joyous spring festival that marks the end of winter in the northern hemisphere.

This ancient Celtic holiday is most recognized today for its dance around the maypole with ribbons, may baskets and the selection of the May Queen. May Day has always been strongly associated with flowers, a carry over from the earliest ancient celebrations of this holiday as the festival of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers. A springtime ritual, May Day has also been thought to divide the year in half, bringing warmer temperatures that usher in a variety of summer fruits, vegetables and flowers in many parts of our country.  Wherever you live, the first day of May is a time to celebrate the coming of summer.

Here are a few ways you can honor May Day:

  • Check local schedules for a May Day celebration in your area.
  • Watch your grandchildren celebrate the holiday by dancing around the maypole.
  • Create a may basket for one of your neighbors using fresh flowers from your garden.
  • Celebrate in the comfort of your own home by inviting a few friends over for a glass of wine and in-season vegetables from your local area.
  • Creating a beautiful bouquet for the centerpiece of your dining room table is a great way to honor Flora, the goddess of flowers.
  • Whether it be fragrant flowers or hearty vegetables you’ll eat all summer, May Day is a also great day to spend time planting your summer garden.

Whatever you choose to do on May Day we wish you a wonderful day and second half of 2012.