Most of us accumulate a lot of stuff throughout a lifetime – from furniture to files, mementos to photo albums. If retirement or semi-retirement is on the horizon, you might be itching to simplify your life and downsize your home. On the other hand, downsizing can be scary, too: you don’t want to give up so much functional space that you struggle to stay organized or feel too cramped to relax and enjoy.

As you prepare to make your move to your home for the next chapter of your life, the first step is to de-clutter so that you don’t move things you no longer want or need. Here are five tips as you dive into the purging process:

  • Go room by room. It is overwhelming to think about all the areas in your home where you’ve been storing (and hiding) your belongings. Take on one room at a time, and start with any closet space first. Make piles for “keep” and “donate,” and have a large garbage bag on hand for anything you want to trash.
  • Have a process of elimination. A common de-cluttering technique is to evaluate items by asking yourself these three questions:
    1. Do I need this?
    2. Do I want it because it has significant meaning or value to me?
    3. Does this item serve a clear and important purpose in my life?

If you don’t need or want something and it serves no purpose to you (especially buried in the back of a closet), set it aside in the giveaway pile. A warning: most of us are guilty of answering “yes” to a fourth question, “Do I plan to do something with this one day?” Stay strong and refer to questions #1 and #2!

  • Box it up. As you move through your home separating the things you want to keep and give away, make your process efficient by packing and labeling (both the room the items should go in, and the contents of the box) as you go.
  • Plan a yard sale. Scheduling a yard sale (or several) in the not-too-distant future will give you a goal to work toward and a game plan for those items you’re struggling to just give away but no longer want to keep.
  • Group items when boxing. Although it’s easiest to pack by room, keep other areas of the house in mind to make your packing more organized. There’s no sense in packing up office-related items in separate boxes.

At Trilogy, Members consistently tell us that the incredible lifestyle and opportunities for socialization and exploration are what drew them to us – as did the amazing homes. Whether you step into a 1,300-square-foot home or a 3,500-square-foot home, you’ll find our floorplans to be thoughtfully designed, with space-maximizing features that make the most of every square foot. Here are some of the highlights that do just that:

  • Open-concept floorplans that remove typical visual barriers like walls, making all spaces appear larger and brighter.
  • A multifunctional SmartSpace, which acts as laundry central, a mud room, and a flexible “everything” center where you can practice a hobby or organize bills.
  • Covered patios off the main living areas, often separated by a full glass wall that you can roll aside on nice days, transforming your indoor great room into a vast, gorgeous al fresco living room.
  • Tall, perfectly placed windows  in every room possible – that let in plenty of natural light and give every room a lovely view of the outdoors.

Downsizing your space is much easier when you know you have a beautiful, well-designed home to move into – and that’s exactly what you’ll get in a Trilogy home. Every room and every space, from the cabinetry to the closets, is meticulously planned so that homeowners can put their focus where it should be: on living The Good Life. If you’re ready to find your dream home, call us today. We have a floorplan to fit every person’s unique desires. We can promise you this: while you might be downsizing your home and consolidating your possessions, at Trilogy, you’ll be magnifying your lifestyle and happiness!