Whether it is prim to perfection or serves as a storage for old collectibles- the guest room receives most of its use during the holidays, as friends and family come to visit. Finding the time and budget to prep for arrivals might be difficult (after all gift wrapping & entertaining are also top of mind), but not to fret! We have curated an easy to follow list of guest room essentials to provide your visitors with the ultimate hospitality experience.

Grand Guest Room Ideas

  • Bedding (and more bedding!)
    Go the extra mile when setting a guest room bed – tuck & tug corners to give guests a taste of hotel a la you. Always offer extra blankets & pillows to your guests (especially in the winter months), these will often come in handy.
  • The Forget-Me-Nots!
    We’ve all been forgetful during our travels, think back to a trip where you left your ol’ toothbrush at home! The best way to make guests feel right at home is to make the stay at your home easy. Supply them with simple, budget-friendly items that will make their day & overally trip much more relaxing. Here is a list of common items that are most often left behind. (below) TRIL-RET-Blog-Content-GuestRoom-Essentials
  • Seating & storage
    Give your guests a spot to prop their suitcases by adding a bedroom bench or a luggage rack. Keep the closet spacious – allowing the option to hang suits and special garments. Leave one or two drawers empty, so your guest can feel secure leaving their jewelry and personal belongings unattended.Guest_Room_Essentials
  • Clocks
    Mobile phones might be the new mode of time-telling these days, but a clock in a room is a useful piece to have. A physical alarm clock offers convenient multiple uses like the radio or an aux cable to play music from your iPhone or tablet.
  • Bathrobe & towels
    Superb hosting calls for a freshly laundered bath robe & a stack of neatly folded towels. Your guests will thank you after busy day. Now all that’s left are cozy slippers & tea.
  • Mirrors
    In different shapes and dimensions, mirrors are a must-have for every guest room. Plus, they reflect personality with different frames and colors, while also helping to widen small spaces & give the appearance of an extra window. Additionally, a full-length mirror will make it easier for your guests to get ready in privacy.
  • Fresh flowers & candles 
    Need we say more? Nothing makes a room feel warmer than the smell of fresh blooms and the soft scent of a candle.

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