It’s almost “spring break” time – and for many Trilogy members this means a chance for the grandkids to stay and play for a few days.  If you’re looking for some artsy ideas to keep the kiddos entertained, try some of the kid-friendly crafts below!

(Click the links below to view photos and step-by-step descriptions for each craft.)

Homemade-is-Best Play Dough

Kids of all ages love to squish, mold, and create with colorful play dough.  There’s no need to run to the store to stock up, as making it from scratch is half the fun.  After you prepare and play with the dough, you can either store it in an air-tight container to use it again another day, or you can let it dry to save your grandchild’s spring break sculpture.
Click here to learn how to make homemade play dough.

Multi-colored Muffin Tin Crayons

Another crafty item that’s more fun to make than buy is colorful crayons.  If you have a supply of crayons on hand for when the grandkids visit, dig through it for all of the old, broken, or paperless crayons.  Chop them into little pieces, mix all of the colorful pieces together, place a scoop of colorful bits into each of 12 muffin tins (or however many you’re able to fill with your misfit crayons), and bake them in the oven for about 10 minutes at 250F.  In no time at all, you’ll have a dozen multi-colored crayons.  Now you can color your heart out with your grandkids for the rest of their visit.
Click here to learn how to make multi-colored muffin tin crayons.

Suncatchers and Stained Glass Projects

Children love to explore light and color with their own handmade suncatchers and stained glass designs.  Depending on the age and attention span of your little loved ones, you can keep this project simple, or make it an involved and artsy affair.  Colorful tissue paper, wax paper, and liquid starch are all you’ll need to get your littlest crafters creating eye-catching works of art.  Older grandchildren can make marvelous melted-bead suncatchers, with your close assistance, of course.
Click here to learn how to make suncatchers and simple stained glass projects.

Dazzling Glitter Globes

Snow globes aren’t just for wintertime.  With just a few simple materials, you can work with your grandchild to make a sparkling, swirling, glitter globe of interesting objects – think legos, mini figurines, play jewelry, or colorful buttons and beads – that will mesmerize them all year long.  You’ll need an empty jelly jar, water, glycerine, glitter, a hot glue gun (or super glue), and the tiny items of your choice.
Click here to see the step-by-step process of creating a glitter globe.

No-Sew Sock Animals

What can you do with the odd socks that come out of your dryer?  Turn them into adorable stuffed animals with the help of your grandkids, of course!  It’s amazingly easy to make lovable soft friends – bunnies, turtles, cats, penguins, and so much more, as you’ll see in the link to a clever craft website below.  Since there’s no sewing involved (just rubber bands and glue), even the littlest crafters can lend a hand in creating these huggable animal friends.
Click here for detailed instructions in creating no-sew sock animals.

Wiggly Squiggly Yarn-Wrapped Letters

If your grandchildren aren’t quite old enough to learn the art of knitting, they can still have a ball with yarn.  The act of wrapping colorful yarn around a cardboard cut-out letter (the first letter of their name – or perhaps their full name, if they’re feeling ambitious) is a simple and yet satisfying project for young kids.  The first step of this project can be the trip to the yarn store – an experience in itself – where they can choose their favorite from countless kinds and colors.  Next, they’ll trace and cut out a large letter (8-12” high) from an old cardboard box.  Finally, coat the letter with a bit of glue, and wrap, wrap, wrap – squiggling this way and that – until the letter is colorfully covered with yarn.  Your grandchildren will think of you every time they see their yarn-wrapped letter on their shelf or nightstand.
Click here for detailed directions for wiggly, squiggly yarn-wrapped letters.

Endless Fun with Paper Plates

Just about everyone has at least a paper plate or two lying around in their cupboard – and I’m sure that most of us could think of a crafty thing or two to do with them.  Well, I was very impressed to see that someone has found (and given detailed instructions for) 67 ways for you and your grandkids to have fun with paper plates.  A few of my favorites included the paper plate banjo, the ring toss game, and the toothy-grinned shark.
Click here to see 67 clever ways to have fun with paper plates.

Looking for Clever and Crafty Easter Ideas?

If your grand-bunnies are coming to visit for Easter, you may enjoy the crafts, recipes, and decorating ideas on the “Easter Ease” board on Trilogy Life’s Pinterest page.   From Easter bunny scones to carrot-topped cupcakes, you’ll find a number of inspired ideas to add fun and flavor to your home for the Easter holiday.
Click here to visit the Easter Ease board, and follow Trilogy Life on Pinterest for more inspired ideas.

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