By now you know how technology advances can help you connect with loved ones far away. New devices like iPads, laptops and smart phones allow you to easily find all the information you need in an instant. The television has traditionally been viewed as a way to get fat rather than fit.  New technology like the Nintendo Wii Fit has changed that.

The Wii Fit comes stocked with a number of accessories including balance board, strength training options, aerobics, yoga and balance games. Although you may be moving your body in different ways than you’re used to don’t be fooled. This kind of activity can activate muscles you haven’t used in a while so make sure you take it easy the first few times you engage with your Wii.

This sort of physical activity is best when enjoyed with a group of people. Can you imagine how fun it would be to host a friendly competition with a bunch of your friends in your great room? It’s also something you can do with your grandkids who are sure to love being active to an interactive device.

Here are a few fitness games to get you started:

For the athlete try Jillian Michael’s Fitness Ultimatum 2010. If you know Jillian at all you’ll know how intense she is and you should expect no different from this fitness game which gives both fitness and diet tips. Through this program Jillian will create a 6 month program for you that will take your fitness to a whole new level.

For the dancer try the Zumba Fitness Bundle. Have fun dancing away a rainy afternoon with some friends to the sounds of Latin music.  You’ll get in shape and have fun at the same time.

For the grand kids check out the Family Party: Fitness Fun. Just like it sounds, this program offers plenty of variety for everyone in your family from basketball to skydiving and even brain activities to strengthen the most important muscle in your body.

One of the best things about being active with the Wii Fit is that you can do it whenever you want and it isn’t weather dependent. In fact this is just about one of the most perfect rainy day activities we can think of.  Here’s to getting fit while having fun.