As the country gets ready to celebrate its independence it’s a great time to throw a party. Perhaps you’ve been busy golfing, swimming and haven’t had time to get prepared. Or perhaps you decided to have a party at the last minute. Here are a few easy tips for a spectacular party with all your favorite people.

Satisfy Your Taste Buds
Getting ready for a big party can sometimes feel like a lot of work. Make the prep work quicker and more fun by getting your family involved with this Red, White and Blue Stuffed Strawberries recipe. Your grandkids can easily pitch in. We’re sure they’ll enjoy sneaking a few blueberries in their mouths while they help you create this delicious dessert.

Another fun way to celebrate our country is to recreate the American flag with fruit and cheese. Get out your favorite rectangular pan and put blueberries in the top left corner to signify the stars. Then add a row of cut watermelon and then one your favorite white cheese.  Keep adding alternate layers until you have the perfect edible American flag.
Quench Your Thirst
In the hot days and nights of summer, a cool refreshing drink is always delightful. This Rose Sangria Spritzer recipe courtesy of Bobby Flay is not only delicious, it will also perfectly compliment your red, white and blue themed menu. Your guests are sure to ask for more of this yummy drink so making plenty is a good idea. The best part about this recipe is how quick and easy it is with a prep time of 15 minutes and 30 minutes of refrigeration.

For a colorful display of drinks your grandkids are sure to enjoy, simply fill a bucket of ice with sodas and drinks of all sorts in the red, white and blue colors of our country.

Create a Festive Space
To create a beautiful table display start by mixing and matching your favorite linens in the three colors of our flag. Top the table off with a few of your favorite white candles from around the house and vases in various hues of red, white and blue. Top off the vases with your favorite flowers–white lilies and red gerbera daisies make a great combination or choose your favorite flowers.

What’s a Fourth of July party without a few stars? A fun, creative way to bring this symbol of patriotism into your celebration is by creating Fourth of July star jars using mason jars, spray paint, stickers and battery operated votive candles. Your grandkids will enjoy making them as much as they’ll love seeing them lit up after dark.

How ever you choose to celebrate this glorious American holiday we wish you a happy and safe Fourth of July!