JUB_EmloyeeOfTheMonth_AugustMeet Tom Eyles, our newest Construction Field Manager and Employee of the Month!

Tom grew up in London and earned his degree in Construction Science from Europe’s largest construction college, Bircham Newton Civil Engineering.

Little did Tom know his life would take him all over America where he would land a new job at Shea Homes® at Jubilee.

A lover of travel, Tom made many American friends over the years and loved visiting the United States. Tom moved to America when he was just 25 years old and has never looked back. Believe it or not, Tom has lived in or visited all 48 of the contiguous states, and a fun fact is that Washington was the last – and quite arguably the best – state he visited, because now it’s where he calls ‘home.’

“I fell in love with the Northwest because there is so much to do here. My family and I love to hike, bike and paddleboard. So, we try to do every sport we can,” explained Tom. “I think Jubilee is such a wonderful community, because we have a bountiful mix of oceans and rivers. This area is really a lovely place to be if you like the outdoors.”

As a Construction Field Manager, Tom is in charge of supervising the building of each home from start to finish. Not only does he keep the construction timeline moving forward, but he also works directly with our homeowners to make sure they have a chance to walk the home at every stage of the building process.

“We have a big team of very talented people, but I’m your go-to-guy for any and everything on your new home.”

When Tom isn’t working with our homeowners, he’s spending time in the great outdoors with his wife, Lu Ann, and their 14-year old son.

We’re pleased that Tom started working at Jubilee just a few weeks ago, and we are very excited that he’ll be bringing his expertise, enthusiasm and love of the area to our team.

Stop by to meet Tom and explore our stunning resort community!