We imagine that when your grandchildren come over one of their favorite things to do is to look at old family photos. Giggling at old hairstyles, reminiscing about the day they almost caught that fly ball at the baseball game and telling the grandkids about memories of your grandparents is a fun way to spend an afternoon.  To celebrate National Grandparents Day, Trilogy and Shea Homes held a photo contest with the aim of celebrating that special bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

“A grandchild fills a space in your heart that you never knew was empty.” Author unknown

Grand Prize winners Shelda & Mark Orlando echoed the sentiment of many grandparents when using this quote in their submission along with photos of their grandsons Dylan, 5 and Lucas, 2 1/2. We’re sure that Shelda and Mark will enjoy their Canon Digital Camera and $100 Shutterfly Gift Certificate to capture in film many more fun memories with their precious grandsons.

Second prize winner Roy Davis submitted his photo of Grandma Paula with grandkids Marino and Lucia on a trip of a lifetime to Grand Teton National Park. No doubt Roy  will put that $100 Shutterfly Gift Certificate to create memorabilia like photo books to send to Marino and Lucia as birthday gifts, a gift they’re sure to cherish for many years.

Being a grandmother is certainly something 3rd prize winner Sharon Gordon is familiar with after 9 grandchildren. Loving every minute she spends creating memories with them, her $75 Shutterfly Gift Certificate will allow Sharon to make photo books or coffee mugs for each of those 9 little darlings as she calls them.

There’s nothing quite like the relationship between a grandparent and their grandchildren and photographs are one of the most powerful ways to commemorate all those birthdays, camping trips and Halloween costumes. Thank you to everyone for sharing your photo memories with us. We hope you’ll continue to share them with us on Facebook.