Don’t let the heat of the season keep you from connecting with your Trilogy friends and neighbors.  There are countless clubs that will help you stay connected with your fellow members all summer long!  For a full list of the active clubs at your community, Trilogy members can visit the online Club Directory on

Stay Cool in the Pool

Encanterra Members know how to keep their cool while having fun in the sun!  Each Saturday, the Encanterra Water Volleyball Club meets from 12:30 to 2:30pm for some friendly competition in the pool.  Everyone is welcome to join – even those without prior experience playing land or water volleyball. Seven to eight players are the minimum needed to play a game, but the Water Volleyball Club usually has at least 8 to 10 ready to play each week. During the summer months, they often have 8 to 10 players on each side of the net.

Members who would like to join the club and become regular players can simply show up at the pool on Saturdays between 12:30 and 2:30pm. You can share your contact information with the club to be added to their roster.  Those who do not wish to become official club members are still welcome to play anytime.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Water Volleyball Club, feel free to contact Don Kilner, whose contact information can be found on the Water Volleyball Club page of

Another club that ‘s keeping it cool is the Encanterra Water Aerobics Club.  This group of members meets twice weekly (on Tuesdays & Fridays) at 9:30am in the outdoor lap pool.  This is a member-led club (not a fitness class), and it is open to all Encanterra members.  There is no cost and no advance registration.  Just show up for some fun and fitness in the water with your neighbors!  Noodles and hand bells are used during each session, and the routine is occasionally changed to focus on different parts of the body – upper and lower – and to keep the session interesting. Stop by the pool on Tuesday or Friday mornings to meet new neighbors and have a cool summer workout!  For more information, contact Diane Harkink, whose information can be found on the Water Aerobics Club page of

Do you want to improve your strokes while meeting some wonderful new folks?  Then join the Swim Club of Trilogy at Vistancia! The Swim Club meets every Sunday at 8:00am in the indoor pool.  To find out more, contact the Alvea Spa at 623.215.6290 – or just stop by the pool this Sunday to see the Swim Club in action!

Hit the Open Water

You don’t have to be in the water to stay cool in the summertime.  Just being on the water – with a nice breeze and an icy cold drink within reach – can be enough to make you want summer to last all year long.  The Fishing Club of Trilogy at Rio Vista meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00pm in the Delta Club – and they organize several great fishing events and party boat gatherings throughout the year.  This club is open to all Trilogy members, with or without prior experience or knowledge of fishing.  Their next meeting is Monday, August 19th in the Marina Room, and they welcome you to join them at that time.  For more information, contact Al Silva, whose contact information can be found on the Fishing Club page of

Bring the Fun Indoors

If it’s just too hot to handle outside, bring the fun indoors!  There are plenty of Trilogy members who are ready to mix and mingle in the comfort of their air-conditioned clubhouse.

Below are just a few of the member groups and clubs that would love for you to join them for some indoor fun this summer!  For more information on these clubs (including how to join), and for a full list of active clubs at your community, visit your online Club Directory (by clicking the “Clubs” tab above).

Ardiente Line Dancing Club – Shea Homes at Ardiente
Line Dancing is a fun and spirited source of physical and mental exercise.  Come join the “Friends on the Move” Line Dancing Club of Shea Homes at Ardiente for toe-tapping fun and/or performances within the community. This group meets each Tuesday at 6pm and welcomes all to join them!  For more information, contact Lyvoinne Harris, whose contact information can be found on the Ardiente Line Dancing Club page on

Ladies Bowling and Having Fun – Trilogy Orlando
The women of Trilogy Orlando are having a ball each Wednesday when they hit the lanes of Clermont Bowling!  This is not league bowling; it’s just a group of ladies getting together for exercise and laughter. You do not need to be a good bowler; scores don’t matter. They welcome all women of the community to join in the fun!  For more information, contact Kathy Lanciano, whose contact information can be found on the Ladies Bowling and Having Fun club page on MTL.

Table Tennis Club – Trilogy at Rio Vista
The Table Tennis Club of Trilogy at Rio Vista is a group of table tennis fans with various degrees of skill that love to play for sport and for fun. Many in this club hadn’t played table tennis since their children left home – or even since they were children themselves – and they have been amazed and gratified at how fast they can improve just by playing. All levels of experience are welcome to join them in playing a rousing game or two of table tennis! For more information on the Table Tennis Club, including their playing schedule, visit their club page on MTL.

Chess Club – Trilogy at Vistancia
Strategize and socialize with the Chess Club of Trilogy at Vistancia!  All levels are welcome to join the club every Friday from 9:00am to noon in the Arroyo Room. This is a wonderful chance to play mostly casual, friendly games of chess with interesting people, in a very beautiful setting.  Most of the players are not “serious” chess players, and many have not played chess since high school or college.  If you’re relatively new to the game of chess, or if you’re feeling a bit rusty, this is a great way to take your game to the next level, or just enjoy a little friendly competition.  To learn more, contact Gene Adler, whose contact information can be found in the Member Directory of MTL.

Trilogy Poker Players – Trilogy at Redmond Ridge
Looking for a good poker game?  You can find one most days of the week at Trilogy at Redmond Ridge! The Trilogy Poker Players gather together in the Game Den on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.  They play dealer’s choice from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  All members are welcome to join them for a great time and lots of laughs.  For more information, contact Harry Mount, whose contact information can be found on the Trilogy Poker Players club page on MTL.

Bridge Club – Trilogy at Monarch Dunes
The Bridge Club of Trilogy at Monarch Dunes meets on Mondays at 1pm in the Avila Room.  There are sections for both duplicate and rubber bridge play. If you like Bridge and want to play with your fellow Trilogians, please contact Bridge Club President Charles Davis (whose contact information can be found in the Member Directory of MTL.)  Duplicate bridge play requires that you have a partner and that you reserve a place in advance.  Rubber bridge play does not require a partner, but you should let Charles know you will be coming.  Drop-ins for rubber bridge are allowed, but preference is given to those who pre-register.

Mexican Train Club – Encanterra Country Club
Join your neighbors for fun game of Mexican Train at La Casa. Mexican Train is a version of the game of dominoes. It can be played by 2 to 6 people per table and is similar to dominoes except that the idea is to get as few points as possible at the end of the game.  This game is fun for everyone – men and women alike. Previous experience playing dominoes is not important, as it only takes about 30 minutes to teach a group how to play.  (See the Events page for the Mexican Train Club’s meeting schedule.)

Knitting Club – Trilogy at the Vineyards
The Knotty Ladies of Trilogy at the Vineyards meet every Tuesday at 11 AM in Club Los Meganos to share knitting/crochet/needlepoint ideas, projects, and conversation in a way that supports all abilities and stimulates creativity.  All are invited to join the club!  If you have any questions, please contact Molly Lafayette, whose contact information can be found on the Knitting Club page of MTL.

If you’re living at a Trilogy community, how are you connecting with your fellow members this summer?  Feel free to suggest a club or activity to your friends and neighbors by adding a comment below.