If you’re looking to reduce your red meat consumption or are contemplating a vegetarian lifestyle, you may want to give soy another look. Here are a few ways to start cooking with soy.

Start Your Day Right
Lack of time or healthy options for breakfast make it tempting to skip but that would be a mistake. Studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast is key for managing your weight, smoothing your blood sugar levels and better concentration.  Add your spouse or friends to a healthy breakfast and you might just have the perfect way to start your day off right. Traditionally breakfast is one of the more difficult meals of the day to eat healthy. A great way to get your day started off on the right nutritional foot is a Tofu Scramble.  Add a serving of berries for a touch of sweet that also gives you important a big boost in the antioxidants your body needs to keep your healthy.

Keep the Energy Going
Eating a healthy lunch will keep your energy going and avoid the dreaded afternoon food coma. Known for their healthy diets, eating a Mediterranean-based diet can help you stay healthy. A Greek salad is a delicious and easy way to feed your friends for a lunchtime get together. Try this Greek Salad with Tangy Lemon Tangy Tofu Dressing which adds tofu to this traditional salad for an extra bit of protein to give you the stamina you need for all your afternoon projects.

Eating Healthy While Entertaining
Chili is pretty much synonymous with fall festivities. While this meal is arguably one of the best ways to enjoy a Sunday full of football, it can be tough on the waistline if you indulge too much. Substituting traditional red meat for soy will make this fall favorite a healthier choice. This heart healthy Soy Turkey Chili will fill your stomach  and your friends are sure to love it too.

Here’s to a healthy and happy fall!