2014 was yet another year of giving, creating, and achieving for Trilogy members. Let’s revisit some of the Trilogy Life Magazine articles of 2014 that feature our own community members giving back, sharing knowledge, and pursuing passions.

Who:  Diana Eden of Ardiente
What: Ardiente member Diana Eden loves to travel “like a local.”  By renting a local home or staying in bed and breakfasts, buying food from village markets and cooking her own meals, and wandering new neighborhoods on foot, she gets to know the heart of the places that she visits.
Visit the article, The Joys of Living Like a Local.

Who: Gil Vasquez of Trilogy at Vistancia
What: In the summer of 2013, Trilogy at Vistancia member Gil Vasquez had the opportunity to go on a river cruise in Russia.  The cruise started in Moscow and ended in St. Petersburg. After the cruise, he continued his travels to Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia.  All in all, it was an amazing adventure.  Through this fourth issue in the “Trilogy Travelogue” series, Gil shares some of the highlights, discoveries, and memorable moments from his trip.
Visit the article, Exploring Russia.

Who:  Trilogy at The Vineyards Wine Making Club
What: Over 100 Trilogy members are actively involved in the Amici Wine Making Club of Trilogy at the Vineyards.  These members take part in every step of the process of handcrafting wine, from the crush through fermentation, pressing, barreling, and bottling.  Read the full article to learn more about the passion, pride, and care that the Wine Making Club puts into every bottle.
Visit the article, Adventures in Viniculture.

Who:  Talented Trilogy Entrepreneurs

  • John Hinds of Trilogy at Monarch Dunes
  • Fred and Marne Ventura of Trilogy at Monarch Dunes
  • Mary Lynn Ilnitsky of Encanterra
  • Joseph J. McCusker, Sr., ChFC of Ardiente
  • Art Fries of Trilogy at Monarch Dunes
  • Linda Vallentyne and Yvonne Boudreau of Trilogy at Rio Vista
  • Artemis Davitian-Derk of Trilogy at Vistancia
  • Sue Conklin of Trilogy at Rio Vista
  • Nathalie Piraino, MPH, CPC of Encanterra
  • Cheryl Concepcion of Trilogy at Vistancia
  • Ed and Kim Gravell of Trilogy at Monarch Dunes
  • Paulette Marie Bergounous of Trilogy at Vistancia
  • Vernon Thomason of Encanterra

What: Talent abounds at our communities, with artists, athletes, authors and actors living on just about every street in every Trilogy neighborhood.  In the past we have highlighted some of our skilled and successful authors, as well as amazingly talented Trilogy artists.  In February of 2014, we turned the spotlight on the entrepreneurs that call Trilogy home.

Who:  Sue Clark of Trilogy at Rio Vista
What:  Our Trilogy communities are full of compassionate animal lovers.  Many of our members volunteer at local shelters, donate supplies or funds to animal rescue organizations, or choose to adopt pets that would otherwise have a very bleak future.  One Trilogy member has taken her passion for innocent animals to new heights.  Sue Clark of Trilogy at Rio Vista is an animal lover, a pilot, and an RV owner – and she’s combining these three passions to make amazing things happen for animals in need. Sue is actively engaged in the rescue transport of animals from high-kill shelters in California to no-kill shelters, foster homes, or, ideally, permanent, loving homes.  She is willing to go the distance – by air or by land – to give a second chance to animals in need.
Visit the article, Planes, Paws, and Automobiles.

Who: The Table Tennis Club of Trilogy at Rio Vista
What:  Since its first gathering in 2005, the Trilogy at Rio Vista Table Tennis Club has grown from eight interested members to 75 active members and players. The purpose of this club is to promote health, exercise, and fun! Learn about the history, current news, and future goals of the TRV Table Tennis Club in the following article contributed by club members Vicky Riddle, Ahmad abu-Shumays, & Michael Mahrous.
Visit the article, Friendly Competition Across the Table

Who:  Generous Members of the Trilogy, Encanterra, and Ardiente Communities
What: Through the “Members Giving Back” series of 2014, we featured some of the wonderful work being done by members at the Trilogy, Encanterra, and Ardiente communities.  Over the course of this year, members helped victims of domestic abuse, gave hope to children in need, supported veterans and injured service members, gave food to the hungry, gave comfort to animals, and so much more.  Thank you to all of our generous members!

Who:  Trilogy Travelers
What: Our Trilogy Members have traveled the world – several times over!  Between family trips, romantic getaways, adventures with good friends, business travel, and journeys of discovery, they’ve experienced the food, drink, scenery, and culture of countless countries.  Even with so many stamps on their passports, most of our Members still have that one special place that stands out in their minds as being their all-around favorite travel experience.  Perhaps it is a memorable meal, a breathtaking view, or a warm and welcoming vibe from the locals that makes this destination stand out in their minds.  Or, it may be that their eyes and minds were opened in a way that only travel to a new and different land can do.

Who:  Pam Stolpman of Trilogy at Monarch Dunes
What: Thanks to our resident book reviewer, Pam Stolpman, we had eight incredible titles to choose from last summer when we were ready to relax on a beach, by the pool, in the shade of a favorite tree, or simply in our air-conditioned living room.  Pam then recommended three powerful, and yet undeniably pleasurable works of fiction for the fall.

Who:  Encanterra member Scott Schreiber
What:  In July, we recognized a member who volunteers his time to help budding businesses to become successful start-ups. Scott Schreiber was recently applauded by the Publication “Lovin’ Life Over 50” as being a “game changer” in helping small businesses in the Phoenix Valley to succeed.  He was also the winner of the 2013 Alice Brown Award, which is a special award given for individual volunteerism and fund raising. Schreiber is actively involved in the organization SCORE, a non profit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow, and achieve their goals through education and mentorship.
Visit the article, Keeping His Brain in the Game.

Who:  Jo Ella Allen of Trilogy at The Vineyards
What:  In this fifth article in the Trilogy Travelogue series, member Jo Ella Allen of Trilogy at the Vineyards shares her experiences discovering the wonders of mysterious and magnificent Machu Picchu.
Visit the article, Mysterious Machu Picchu

Who:  Talented Authors of Trilogy

  • Frederick Wysocki of Trilogy at Vistancia
  • Bob Pitta of Trilogy at Rio Vista
  • Jerry Moon of Trilogy at Vistancia
  • Jon E. Horton of Trilogy at Vistancia
  • Susan Roemer of Trilogy at Vistancia
  • Judith Adamson of Trilogy at Rio Vista
  • Gloria MacKay of Trilogy at Redmond Ridge
  • Bill Dearing of Shea Homes at Ardiente
  • Dr. Richard T. Baran of Trilogy at Vistancia
  • Grace Bos of Trilogy at Rio Vista
  • Joann DeJoria Smith of Trilogy at Monarch Dunes

What:  Two years ago, we put the spotlight on some of the talented authors that call Trilogy home in Part 1 and Part 2 of the “Authors Among Us” series in Trilogy Life Magazine.  In August of 2014, we spread the word about even more of our members who have had their literary work published!

Who:  Trilogy Quilters of Orlando
What: Meet the Trilogy Quilters (TQ) of Trilogy Orlando.  This group creates quilts that are distributed worldwide to victims of disaster, as well as to local charities who serve the homeless. Read the full article, contributed by members Mary Greer and Linda Jacobsen, to learn more!
Visit the article, Meet the Trilogy Quilters.

Who:  Adventurous Fishermen of Trilogy at The Vineyards
What: Ed Christiansen of Trilogy at The Vineyards has been heading north to Sitka for the past 17 summers – and for the last six years, his Trilogy neighbors have joined him for this annual Alaskan fishing excursion.  Each year, Ed and his fellow adventurers spend three days on the water and return home with new friendships, lifelong memories, plenty of fish stories – and, most importantly, around 100 pounds of mixed king salmon, silver salmon, halibut and cod per person!  Next summer, from August 15th through 19th, members from all Trilogy communities are invited to take part in this fantastic fishing adventure.
Visit the article, Hooked on the 7th Annual Fishing Trip.


We look forward to many more stories of Trilogy members giving back, sharing knowledge, and pursuing passions in 2015!  Happy New Year!