Our Trilogy communities are full of members who dedicate their time and energy to causes that are close to their hearts.  For those who have recently moved to a Trilogy community – or for those who are finding that they have some extra time and would like to commit that time to volunteering – there are some amazing service clubs at your community that can help you to connect with a cause today!

Read on to discover some of the service groups at the Trilogy communities, and find out how you can join them in making a difference!

Trilogy at Vistancia
Women’s Club (TAVWC)
Trilogy at Vistancia Women’s Club (TAVWC) reflects the outlook and attitudes of the greater community by creating an atmosphere for fun, friendly, caring, and generous women who gather together in the spirit of socialization and service.

The Trilogy at Vistancia Women’s Club began in 2007 with potluck get-togethers in neighbors’ homes and has grown to provide large-scale activities such as the annual Fashion Show and Holiday Home Tour. While we celebrate our successes, we continue to focus on our tradition of welcome and friendship. We come together each month to have fun, to connect with friends, and to make new friends.

In our spirit of service, we raise money through events such as the Holiday Home Tour and Corks for a Cause.  Through the Holiday Home Tour, we were able to give $20,000 to Free Arts of Arizona, an organization that provides therapy healing for abused and homeless children through artistic expression.  Through Corks for a Cause, we raised $30,000 for A New Leaf’s Faith House, a local shelter for mothers and children who are victims of domestic violence.

From the first few neighbors to over 100 women meeting for those early potluck lunches, the club has grown to more than 650 members and continues to expand as new residents move into the community.

The growth of the club has necessitated the development of numerous committees to help facilitate programs and activities as varied as entertainment by our own Trilogy Players, trips to museums, and a cruise on Lake Pleasant. We have group lunches at local restaurants, learn how to accessorize our clothing, and decorate our homes for the holidays. We party on the patio, dine in the Tewa Room, and find many ways to enjoy each other’s company and to welcome new members.

Committees such as Ambassadors, Membership, Hospitality, Publicity, Programs, Charity Liaison and Fundraising have been established to ensure the continuing success of the organization. There is also a club website – www.tavwc.weebly.com – to provide information about the club and the upcoming events as well as to document past events and charity giving.

The Trilogy at Vistancia Women’s Club Board and Committee Chairpersons strive to provide and support a dynamic organization with events and activities that appeal to the women of the Trilogy community by continually encouraging and responding to member feedback.

Thank you to everyone who has supported TAVWC and here’s to continued success in providing a welcoming social setting to foster friendships among Trilogy women!

Trilogy at Vistancia
Needlers/Project Linus Club

When a child is feeling sick, scared, or alone, it’s amazing how comforting the touch of a soft blanket can be. Many of us have watched our own children drag well-loved security blankets around the house and yard, not wanting these prized possessions to leave their sight, even for an occasional visit to the washing machine.

Sadly, there are a great number of children in this world who are facing adult-sized adversities, from sickness, to abandonment, to abuse, and many of them do not have a security blanket to cling to during their times of insecurity. Project Linus was created in 1995 to offer comfort and hope to these children.

Project Linus is a non-profit organization whose mission is “to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by our volunteers.” Project Linus volunteers, also known as “blanketeers,” offer their time and energy to create all styles of blankets, including quilts, tied comforters, fleece blankets, crocheted or knitted afghans, and receiving blankets. Since the inception of this organization, over two million blankets have been donated to children in need.

One of the many groups of volunteers that are adding to this impressive total of donated blankets is the Needlers Group of Trilogy at Vistancia. The group currently meets on Thursdays for a couple of hours. They often work with materials that are donated to the local Project Linus chapter by fabric and yarn companies that want to support the cause; some members buy and donate their own materials as well. Many of the quilters take the projects home and continue to work on them in their spare time. They understand that, for children going through a difficult time because of abuse, hospitalization, or another form of trauma, receiving the gift of their own security blanket can bring much-needed smiles to weary young faces.

If you live at Trilogy at Vistancia and would like more information, please visit the Needlers/Linus club page on MyTrilogyLife.com.

Trilogy Orlando
TOVA – Trilogy Orlando Veterans Association

The mission and purpose of the Trilogy Orlando Veterans’ Association (TOVA) is to preserve and support the patriotic and historical interest of our country, our community, and our veterans; to strengthen the common bonds of the men and women who have served and who are currently serving our military; and to foster patriotism and loyalty to the United States of America.

Established in November of 2013 by a group of dedicated veterans and Trilogy Orlando members, TOVA has made great and meaningful strides throughout the Central Florida area. The TOVA community has a well-established history of respect for those who have served, are currently serving, and who will serve our nation with courage, dedication and honor. We are members of an organization where people profoundly care about serving others with great commitment, quality and compassion.

TOVA works diligently to assist veterans and their families, with the goal of enhancing the quality of life of those who have served our country. We welcome all members of Trilogy Orlando to join us in our efforts.

One of our current projects is Flags for Fallen Vets (FFV). The mission of this project is to place over 120,000 American flags on the graves of the veterans in Florida National Cemetery, in Bushnell, Florida. TOVA is sponsoring a group of individuals to help with this project, and both members and non-members are welcome to participate! We need volunteers and donations to help purchase the flags. Last year, Trilogy sent 21 caring individuals and they placed over 1600 flags on the graves of veterans.  With a TOVA matching donation, TOVA was able to donate $515 from Trilogy Orlando toward the purchase of those flags. This year, we doubled our matching amount to $500 and sent a total donation of over $1,400 to FFV.  At Christmas, TOVA participated in a similar effort with Wreaths Across America.

Other projects include donations of time and/or money to, among others:

  • Home at Last, a local organization that builds disabled-friendly homes for wounded warriors from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These homes are professionally built with time and materials donated from local home-building firms.
  • South Lake High School Naval Junior ROTC, a vibrant program having 192 cadets this year alone.
  • “The Big Red Bus,” a local blood-mobile, operated under the auspices of the American Red Cross.
  • Veterans Multi-purpose Center, a local veterans support organization that uses horses to assist in therapy for veterans suffering from PTSD and other injuries.
  • Lake Nona Veterans Community Living Center, a newly-opened veterans’ home in Orlando, where we host bingo for the residents on a regular basis.

We invite you to join us every second Thursday of each month at 6:30pm at the event center for informative and rewarding meetings. Come and be part of the excitement! Please remember that you do not have to be a veteran (merely an interested resident of Trilogy Orlando) to be part of this wonderful organization. We look forward to you joining our ranks. For more information, visit our website at www.tovavets.com.

Lake Frederick
Caring Neighbors Club
Did you know that our Trilogy community has a group of more than 50 neighbors who help each other out in times of need? What a great place this is to live!

We provide caring support and services, at our own expense, to our neighbors who are incapacitated for any reason. This includes meals, transportation, grocery shopping, errands, rides, visiting, and other kinds of support.

Our club does not have meetings unless there is some unusual reason for them. We prefer to focus on taking care of our neighbors rather than spending time in meetings. Our communications take place primarily by telephone, email, or online.

If you live in the Trilogy at Lake Frederick community and have any need for such help or would like to join us as a participant, please contact one of the Caring Neighbors Coordinators – Ginny Fluet, Charlotte Morris, or Sande Hatch – whose contact information can be found on the Caring Neighbors Club page on MTL.

We’d love to help you or welcome you to our merry band!

Trilogy at The Vineyards
Helping Hands

What is Helping Hands?

Helping Hands is a program that was started in 2011 for the purpose of one community member lending a hand to another community member who may need temporary assistance.  Examples of assistance could be having a warm meal brought to your home after a recent surgery or stay in the hospital; providing food for the family following the loss of a community member; providing a ride to a doctor’s appointment; making a trip to the grocery store for someone who is ill; walking a neighbor’s dog; or accompanying a neighbor when he/she is taking a walk in the neighborhood to regain strength, etc.

What should I do if I could use a helping hand or if I have a close friend at Trilogy who could use a helping hand?  

If you could use a helping hand, contact the program coordinator, Molly Lafayette (whose contact information can be found on the Helping Hands Club page on MTL). Know that assistance will not be provided unless you are in agreement.  If you know of a friend that may be able to use some assistance from the Helping Hands program, please encourage them or a family member to contact the program coordinator.

How can I help?
Contact the program coordinator, Molly LaFayette, if you would like to be notified when help is needed. When a need comes to the program coordinator’s attention, the coordinator will send out an email to volunteers describing the request for assistance.  The email will include all of the details of the specific need and who to contact if you are able to help.  You will only need to respond to the email if you are able to help.

Contact Info and Quarterly Co-Coordinators:

To assist in coordinating volunteers throughout the year, individuals have stepped forward to serve as quarterly co-coordinators to work with volunteer efforts as specific needs arise. Should Molly be out of town, one of the quarterly co-coordinators can be contacted. (The club concierge will be aware of any substitutions.)

In case you missed it, take a moment to read all about the wonderful work of the service clubs featured in Part 1 of the Caring Clubs series!  Thank you to all of our amazing Trilogy volunteers!