Although Millennials, or those born between 1980s to the early 2000s, have a reputation for being very environmentally conscious and for “going green,” a new survey conducted by the DDB Worldwide takes a deeper look at this perception. DDB conducted its Life Style Study (LSS) for Earth Day to uncover data regarding how concerned Americans are about protecting the environment, how much of an effort they make to recycle properly, and how willing they are to choose the environmentally responsible products over higher quality or cheaper products. They also used data to see if Millennials are really more “green” than Boomers.

According to their results, Baby Boomers are significantly more likely than Millennials to make a “strong effort to recycle everything they can” (66% Boomers vs. 53% Millenials), to make a “strong effort to separate the recyclables from the rest of the trash” (64% Boomers vs. 53% Millennials), and to make a “strong effort to use reusable grocery bags as much as possible” (54% Boomers vs. 46% Millennials). In contrast, Millennials are significantly more likely than Boomers to use a refillable water bottle when they drink water outside of the home (54% Millennials vs. 46% Boomers), and own a hybrid car (8% Millennials vs. 4% Boomers) or an electric car (7% Millennials vs. 1% Boomers).

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To read more about the survey by the DDB Worldwide,  read the article on Triple Pundit.

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