You firmly place your thumb and forefinger against the slender stem. As you methodically start to swirl your hand in a counterclockwise direction, you watch the red ribbons of color dance around the glass until you’re mesmerized by its motion. Once the liquid finally settles, you delicately lift your hand toward your face, take a resounding deep breath, and bury your nose until you’re enveloped by a myriad of aromas. They confuse and delight your senses all at once. As you exhale, you bring the glass to your lips, slowly sip—letting your taste buds explore the flavors—and then try to detect each hint of vanilla, butter, oak, grapefruit and cinnamon. This is wine tasting at its best.

To the fledgling wine drinker, the tasting process may seem like a peculiar ritual – especially when you consider the more eccentric versions where gargling, swishing and spitting are in full swing. However, no matter how unusual the routine may be, it’s certainly intriguing from an outside perspective.  America’s “wine culture” has captured the imaginations and interest of the public at large, and the residents at Trilogy are no exception.

With wine clubs forming at many of our communities, it’s not surprising that wine has jumped from what was once a formal drink to a more social endeavor. In fact, America is the number one wine consumer in the world.

The Wine Culture at Trilogy

Trilogy residents and communities have put a bright spotlight on the cultural aspects of wine though social clubs, culinary options and partnerships with neighboring wineries.

Trilogy at Vistancia

Take Trilogy at Vistancia for example. Vistancia hosts one of the most popular wine clubs with over 400 members. As Wine Club member Tom Woodruff explains, “Our mission is to offer fun and educational activities to the Wine Club members. We now have wine tastings, home parties and outside events, including trips to wineries. Yes – we have over 40 wineries in Arizona!”

“There is a wide range of wine experience and knowledge within our membership, and the Wine Club is open to ALL Trilogy residents, regardless of wine knowledge. At our tastings, we keep the proceedings low key and offer a learning environment that is non-threatening.

As is stated on our club’s website, “you don’t have to be wine educated, just wine curious.”

Encanterra Country Club

Sister community, Encanterra Country Club, also has nearby access to the Arizona wineries, as well as its own tasting events.

Encanterra also features the Vault at Bistro 1528. This is a special, well-known aspect of Bistro 1528. Here residents and guests can relax alone or with friends. The Vault is one part wine storage, one part tasting room, and one part sanctuary.  It’s a wine connoisseur’s dream.

“With the wine tastings, food tastings, concerts, and restaurant at La Casa, I can’t even tell you how much fun it is to live here,” said Tina, Encanterra resident.

Encanterra Country Club features a wide variety of resort-style amenities, including a 60,000+ square foot resort club, four restaurants, three pools, an expansive athletic club, a full-service spa and a private golf course, as well as a regular public festival, The Good Life Festival, that includes national musical acts, gourmet food, cooking demonstrations and wine tasting.

Trilogy at The Vineyards

Trilogy at The Vineyards doesn’t host a major event like The Good Life Festival, but what it lacks in major musical special events, it more than makes up for with its prime location. Once you decide to call Trilogy at The Vineyards “home,” you’ll find life has more passion—as you’d expect when you live right in the middle of a stunning vineyard.

Located in Brentwood, California, Trilogy at The Vineyards is home to hundreds of acres of vineyards that produce world-class wines. So touring and tasting at the local wineries is always on the short list of things to do. Here you can pick up a bottle of your favorite vintage and have it uncorked at any one of the area’s fine restaurants or at Trilogy’s club.

If you have a deep appreciation for the science and art of wine, The Vineyards is the ideal place for you to relish in everything you love about wine on a regular basis. Here there are vines for miles, and wines that you’ll fall in love with.

Trilogy at Monarch Dunes

Trilogy at Monarch Dunes is another great location for wine aficionados. Monarch Dunes is in the heart of the wine country off of the Central Coast. The famous Santa Barbara Wine Country is known for its amazing varietals thanks to the unique climate and landscape. East to West mountains are along the coast, which open up the warm valleys to the Pacific Ocean’s cool breeze. This is an irregular phenomenon that cools the grapes and creates an extended growing season.

Trilogy at Monarch Dunes is in the thick of the wine culture and has partnerships with local wineries. In fact, the wine club at Monarch Dunes meets on a regular basis and hosts tastings in the Monarch Club where different wineries are showcased.

Within the club, Adelina’s Bistro & Market Place both showcase a great wine selection and terrific ambience. The restaurant and market are completely open to the public and wine lovers alike.

These are just a few of the ways and places where wine and culture meet the resort lifestyle at Trilogy. To find out more about visiting a community near you, visit our website at or call (800) 685-6494.