In a recent article on Yahoo News, writer Mark Cussen believes that Baby Boomers are changing the way people retire by blazing the trail of retirement in the 21st century by moving after retirement, starting a second career, and using technology to stay connected with family.

With Boomers living about 10-25 years longer than the previous generation, many want a change of scenery and are interested in moving once they retire, according to a study by AARP. Some analysts predict that this trend of Boomers moving after retirement was one of the major factors behind the housing boom of the previous decade.

In addition to moving after retirement, many Boomers are retiring later and working for several years after the traditional retirement age. While some may continue to work at their current organizations, many are forging new careers in fields that they have always been interested in, turning their passions into profit by leveraging their skill sets.

Baby Boomers are also leveraging technology as a way to stay connected with family and friends, and conduct business remotely without having to be in the office. A 2012 Pew research study found that more than half over the age of 65 use the Internet, with about 75 percent using it on a daily basis.

As the retirement environment changes, Baby Boomers are adapting quickly and creating a new way for people to retire in this modern age. Click here to read the full article on Yahoo News.