TAV_ChefRandy_AugustEmployeeOfTheMonthMeet Chef Randy Lutz, Executive Chef at Café D’Oro and our Employee of the Month!

Randy grew up in Concord and went to Arizona State University on a baseball scholarship. Unfortunately, an injury put Randy out of commission on the field, but gave him more time to explore his new interest. As a college student who had a few too many bowls of Top Ramen, Randy got inspired to learn more about food in one of his college nutrition classes. Little did he know, this was the start of a very bright future in the kitchen.

After his injury, Randy moved back to Concord and went to culinary school.

He was fortunate to be mentored by some of the best chefs and food & beverage operators in the Bay Area., and he became the Executive Chef of the Michelin star rated ‘Ame’ restaurant at the iconic St. Regis Hotel. He also earned a coveted “Best 30 Under 30” award from Zagat and was even a guest judge on the season finale of “Hell’s Kitchen” with Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Chef Randy was intrigued by the unique opportunity to lead in a variety of ways as Executive Chef here at The Vineyards. So, he joined us in August 2015 and has been ‘wowing’ residents with his culinary creativity ever since.

Chef Randy describes his cuisine as simple and hyper-seasonal; he only uses the freshest ingredients and prefers to bring out the best of original flavors. A lover of fishing and all things seafood, residents also favor his Sea Bass special that’s served only when it’s freshly caught, as at Trilogy® at The Vineyards’ Café D’Oro.

We’re very proud of all of Chef Randy’s accomplishments and grateful to have him on our team. If you’re a foodie, be sure to stop by Café D’Oro or sign up for one of Chef Randy’s monthly dinners to experience his culinary talents!