An app a day keeps the doctor away! With the many wellness applications available for your smart phone these days, it’s easier than ever to find tools that will guide you along the path to good health. Read on to discover ten applications that can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android to support your health and well being.

Five Fantastic Wellness Apps for Your iPhone

Nike Training Club
The Nike Training Club application is like having your own personal trainer in your purse or your pocket – for free! You’ll have quick access to 60 custom-built workouts, as well as personalized advice from Ary Nuñez, personal trainer to the stars. Inspired by world-class athletes and developed by Nike professional trainers, this comprehensive training application combines years of Nike training research and expertise in one user-friendly application. Detailed instruction and audio guidance keep your training on track. Set to your own music and goals, Nike Training Club gives you the most efficient and effective workout to fast-track your results.
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SOS – Emergency Preparedness App
Emergencies happen, often when you least expect them – so it just makes sense to keep a virtual emergency preparedness kit in one of the few items that you never leave home without: your phone. With the SOS! Emergency Preparedness application, you can calmly and successfully get through any number of unexpected emergency situations, from power outages to frozen pipes to natural disasters, and more. This app provides a comprehensive First Aid, CPR and Disaster Recovery guide. It allows you to reach the information you need in any daily emergency situation you might find yourself in. It uses the planning guide provided by FEMA to make a plan, get a kit and be informed.
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Yoga Instructor
Relax. Breathe. Be your own guru. The Yoga Instructor application takes you through six well-know salutations using guided audio and custom length poses. Now you can carry your own personal Yoga Instructor with you wherever you go – in your living room, at work, or even on vacation. The goal of yoga is to bring the mind, body, and spirit into one, and the Yoga Instructor application supports you in this practice. Yoga helps you to be more consciously aware of this unique union of your mind, body, and spirit. Yoga Instructor is a safe and diversified yogic practice that you can take anywhere, anytime. You can easily customize your practice with this tool, making it easier than ever for you to be your own guru.
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“Take two of these and call me in the morning.” If only it were that simple to keep track of the many medications and supplements that keep us moving in the right direction. Well, now there’s a way to take some of the stress out of this daily juggling act. The Pillboxer application keeps track of your daily doses of medications and supplements with a clear, concise, and easy-to-use format that will eliminate the need to ask, “Did I already take that with breakfast?” This application features more than 11,000 FDA-approved medications built-in for easy searching and addition. Visual ‘pill box’ buttons quickly identify which doses have already been taken for the day. There’s even an online reference information lookup feature, in case you have any questions about doses, drug interactions, or side effects.
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Those who are watching their waistlines by counting calories know that one of the keys to success is making the counting process as quick and convenient as possible. The FoodScanner application allows you to use your iPhone’s camera to scan UPC barcodes on the foods you eat. With a quick scan, you can view complete nutrition labels, create new foods and store your favorites for quick access, and keep track of total calories eaten each day. Visit to watch a video of FoodScanner in action.
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Five Fantastic Wellness Apps for Your Android Phone

Whether you run, walk, bike, or hike, CardioTrainer is the application that will motivate you to keep on moving. This tool seamlessly tracks your indoor or outdoor activities with built-in GPS, pedometer, and calorie-burn tracker. If you find a favorite walking route and want to know just how far your traveled and how many calories you burned in your travels, this application will seamlessly track this information with a built-in GPS, pedometer, and calorie-burn tracker. It will even map your route for you so that you can follow that same path again another day. This application works for either indoor or outdoor activities and has an integrated music player to make your exercise session fly by.
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Lose it!
Whether you’re trying to lose a significant amount of weight, shed a few pounds, or simply maintain your current healthy weight, keeping a healthy goal in mind from the start can motivate you on your weight loss (or weight maintenance) journey. With the Lose It! application for Android phones, you can set goals and establish a daily calorie budget that enables you to meet them. This user-friendly tool takes some of the effort out of calorie counting, as it has a comprehensive database of foods and activities, and allows you to quickly add new foods or exercises that aren’t already in the database. You can even input recipes to track the calories in your homemade meals. Since there’s more to weight loss than calorie counting, you can also use this tool to track your daily protein, fat, carbohydrate, and fiber consumption.
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Emergency First Aid Guide
Though you hope you’ll never have to use it, the Emergency First Aid Guide is probably the smartest application to have handy on your smart phone. When an emergency strikes, you don’t want to waste valuable time researching the best way to respond. This first aid and treatment guide gives you right-at-your-fingertips references to dozens of topics, symptoms and treatments, helping you to manage nearly any medical emergency quickly, correctly, and safely. From the latest CPR guidelines to defibrillator instructions to nosebleeds, burns, poisoning, and so much more, you can feel confident that you’ll be well prepared to care for your friends and loved ones when they need you most.
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Insight Meditation Timer
One of the keys to an effective meditation routine is consistency. If you can consistently devote a stretch of time – whether it’s a minute or an hour – to meditation each day, you’ll begin to feel its calming, centering effects. The Insight Meditation Timer is the perfect tool for fitting mindful activities, such as meditation, into your busy day. Simply put on your headphones, start this application on your phone, and you’ll hear the beautiful sounds of the Tibetan singing bowl as you begin your meditation session. Whether you’re able to take an hour sitting in the shade of a tree, or you’re just trying to squeeze in five minutes at your desk, the Insight Meditation Timer will help you to disconnect from the stresses of your day, if only for a few moments. This application has the sounds of seven different bells of varying size and metal compositions – from bright and clean to deep and complex with lovely overtones. A wood block sound is also included. Each bell can be set to ring once, twice or three times. The delay between strikes is configurable from 2/10 of a second to 20 seconds. Whether your meditation routine is basic or complex, the Insight Timer can be configured to meet your needs. This application will also let you view graphs of your time spent meditating, so you can see how consistent your practice is becoming. There’s even a journal in which you can enter notes about each session when the timer ends.
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Spark Recipes
One of the best ways to maintain your healthy eating habits – and to save money – is to cook at home as often as you can. The Spark Recipes application lets you browse through thousands of healthy recipes, all of which include key nutritional information like calories, fat, and fiber content. With so many tasty and healthy dishes to choose from, your diet won’t feel restrictive and you’ll be more likely to stick to it. More than 280,000 health-conscious recipes are loaded into SparkRecipes’ database, and its Android app gives you a very handy interface to access them. You can search and sort based on diet or special nutrition needs, pick out recipes, and save them as your favorites so that you can quickly find them again. Not only is this a handy app when you’re in the kitchen preparing your meal, but also when you’re at the grocery store and wondering what ingredients you’ll need to pull together a healthy meal.
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