“You are the artist of your own wardrobe. Be creative.”
– Tina Gregoire, Founder of Boomerinas.com

Have you ever walked through a department store wondering which trends to try and which to avoid at all costs? What’s the best way to add this season’s hottest color to a neutral wardrobe? Can every woman pull off skinny jeans with ankle boots? How much animal print is too much animal print?

Trilogy at Redmond Ridge member Tina Gregoire knows that there are countless women over the age of fifty who would love to have a fashion-minded friend to offer words of wisdom about the best boots (tall or short?), belts (thick or thin?), blouses (fitted or flowing) – even bathing suits (where to begin?) – for Boomer women. This past year, she channeled her passion for fashion, her fabulous sense of humor, and her everyday experiences as a Baby Boomer to create a site that helps women to “find their footing, find their voices, and find fashion that fits.” Tina founded www.Boomerinas.com to offer fashion advice – and so much more – to “Boomerinas” like herself who want to have fun with fashion while avoiding faux pas whenever possible.

So, what is a Boomerina? Tina defines Boomerinas as “grown-up little girls who wanted to be ballerinas, rock stars, novelists, fashion models, designers, princesses, and a lot of other grand things. Hey, Boomerinas are ‘us.’ And, even though we may not have fulfilled all of our dreams, there is still time to reawaken that inspiration from long ago. And, if we can’t become ballerinas, there are still a lot of fabulous things that we can become.”

Fashion is just one of the areas in which women can find guidance on Boomerinas.com. From cruises to cruiser bikes, from later-in-life dating to dealing with divorce, from anti-aging tips to advice on texting your grandchildren, this site touches on a variety of topics that are on the minds of many Boomer women. Plus, if you have some sage advice to share, Tina always welcomes new contributing writers to the site. “If you have answers, ideas, nostalgic musings, or inspirations that might help Boomer Chicks live their lives more fully (or help them see the universal humor in all of this), we want you to write for us,” says Tina.

Want to learn more about Boomerinas.com? Read on for a brief Q&A with Tina “Boomerina” herself to learn how she turned her passion for fashion (and more) into an online hub for trend-setting Boomer women.

Tina, have you always been a writer? How long have you been publishing articles online?

When I was little, my sixth-grade teacher thought one of my short stories was so good that she asked my mother if I had copied it from a book. And, in college, my English professor told me I would be famous someday. But, I ended up on a different career path. I married, had kids, and worked as a professional artist whenever I could find enough free time to paint.

All those years, I wondered if I should have been a writer, so in 2009, when I ran across an ad for writers at suite101.com, I signed up. To my surprise, I became the number one writer out of 20,000 and my articles garnered a total of six-million page views in three years.

What inspired you to start your own website?

In 2012, I decided to branch out on my own and start Boomerinas.com. I wanted a place where I could use my talent and wit to let other Baby Boomer women know that, while all of us may be getting older, we are all in this together… and we all live with those same Baby Boomer fears: shopping for swimsuits, answering the door without makeup on, and forgetting which doctor’s office we are sitting in.

Actually, Boomerinas.com is a site with a serious side, too. One of my goals is to make Boomerinas into a platform for other Baby Boomer writers – a place where “older” women can dispense some of that fabulous wisdom they’ve earned through all those years of breaking through glass ceilings, raising kids in ever more hostile environments, and coping with those aching, aging body parts. Boomerinas.com covers diverse subjects such as divorce, retirement, travel, dating, finances, nostalgia, and how to find decent clothes that don’t make us look like teenyboppers or old biddies.

(Note: Boomerinos are welcome to write for the site, as well. There are several male Boomer writers on the site already, and new contributors are always welcome.)

Where do you get your fashion inspirations? How do you stay on top of the trends for Boomerinas?

My inspirations for clothing articles come from dressing myself each day, from shopping online, and from reading Lucky and In-Style every now and then (as most trends start with the kids and work their way up).

I love to look at clothing magazines for skinny teenyboppers and try to guess which trendy styles can be adapted and tweaked to work for women who are over 40, 50, and even women like me who are over 60. You know… regular baby boomer chicks who live in the suburbs and don’t want to look like schleps in jogging suits. Really, there are times when a jogging suit is fine, but sometimes I think that older women have nothing else in their closets.

Actually, the best way to stay up on trends is to sit at a sidewalk café in Europe and watch the fashion show on the street.

In one of your articles, you encourage your readers to be creative with their clothing, stating, “You are the artist of your own wardrobe.” Have you always felt comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone (the neutral zone, for many of us) when it comes to trying new styles, colors, and trends?

Yes. Unfortunately, I have always been comfortable wearing clothing that pushes the bounds of good taste. Actually, it’s not that I don’t have good taste. It’s just that clothing that looks good on most women usually looks silly or staid or stiff on me. So, I’ve always been forced to try new things. Fortunately, I “grew up” in the sixties and it was kind of “cool” to be different and experimental.

So, whenever I write an article about something that baby boomer women should (or should NOT) attempt to wear, I am giving advice based on my own real-life experience. I am not some pie-in-the-sky fashion editor who has been told to “push” some horrid trend onto the unwary public. Also, I’ve been an artist, so I really believe that any woman (or girl) can create her own look in the same way that any artist can play with color and balance until she’s happy with the result. No one’s going to arrest you if your outfit is “out there.” The paparazzi aren’t following you around… most of the time.

What inspires you to keep creating fresh content for Boomerinas.com?

My passion is having fun, and the real fun of writing on a website for Baby Boomers is that I know Boomers. We all grew up with the same ideas and the same sense of humor. Well, the Baby Boomer “generation” spans a huge age range, and that’s because the population boom lasted for about 20 years. However, I was born right smack dab in the middle of the boom. I’ve lived through everything from the Beach Boy’s Little Surfer Girl to the punk rock of the Ramones. I’ve been English Mod, California hippie, 80s Dress for Success, soccer mom, and retired whatever-I-am-now, so I’m fairly good at laughing at myself and laughing with other Boomers. Hey, if we can survive disco, we can survive anything.

www.Boomerinas.com to see all that Tina and her fellow Boomerina writers have to share – and look forward to the future fashion advice that will be coming your way from Tina through articles in Trilogy Life Magazine.