While spring and summer are often touted as the best months to buy a home due to greater market inventory, shopping during the colder seasons has many advantages that can help you find your dream house. Read on to discover four reasons why you should consider purchasing a home in the winter.

1. Capitalize on Lower Competition

Fewer buyers on the market means fewer competitors, which can make a big difference for those who have had to enter bidding wars on desirable homes during busier seasons. Additionally, houses tend to sit on the market longer, giving you more flexibility and less pressure as you search for your perfect home. Because most people selling during this time are doing so out of necessity, such as relocating for a new job, they are often very motivated to sell, giving you more leverage throughout the buying process.

If you’re looking for a brand new home instead, winter is often a great time to view model homes that are still left on the market, or, while new building may slow during the winter months in some regions due to weather, purchasing a lot during the winter sets you up to begin building as soon as weather permits – getting you into your dream home sooner.

2. Take Advantage of Sales

Fewer buyers on the market also means that there are higher incentives for those that are looking, allowing you to seize sale opportunities like Trilogy’s Dream Big Save Big Event that offers special deals on quick move-in homes. In addition to savings opportunities, closings tend to move faster since all parties are more motivated and less busy – without the usual long line at the bank, your documents are processed faster, and your loan officer or realtor will be able to give you more attention and potentially better prices.

Home sale at Trilogy3. Get Ahead of Market Forecasts

No predictions can ensure 100 percent accuracy, but although interest rates are still at a historical low currently, analysts are predicting a rise in 2016. Getting into the buyer’s market before the new year may not only give you a first look at the inventory in a less stressful environment, it may earn you a lower interest rate than if you wait for summer 2016.

4. Take a Trip to Find the Home of Your Dreams

What better time than the holiday season to travel? Venture out from your cold and frosty surroundings to a warm-climate location, the perfect spot for your dream home (or your winter vacation home!). Trilogy communities are in many gorgeous locations that enjoy year-round sunshine, ideal for the luxurious vacation feel in your everyday life, or simply for the perfect winter getaway that will always welcome you back. You can even consider our Taste the Good Life program, allowing you to try out resort communities located in California, Nevada and Arizona that you are interested in.
As the year is nearing its close, don’t miss out on the unique advantages that the winter home buying season has to offer, giving you a headstart on 2016! If you could move to any Trilogy community, which would it be? Let us know in the comments below.