It’s that time of year again – when everyone can get together, set aside worries, and embrace one another with a special kind of happiness that only your loved ones can bring. And no matter how big your family is – or how big it’s becoming – one of the best things about the holiday season is the set traditions you participate in, and the new ones that you form together. Read on for some ideas of multi-generational activities to do as a family during this season that your entire family will look forward to each year and remember for years to come.

1. Cook a Holiday Meal Together

One of the best ways to get everyone involved in an activity is to cook a meal together, because no matter how young or old you are, there is always a task to be done! Whether you’re delighting in a secret family cookie recipe that has been passed down through the generations, or trying a new side dish for a holiday dinner together, bringing everyone into the kitchen to laugh and creation is a tradition that the family will look forward to year after year. Plus, in a Trilogy kitchen-centric home, one of three customizable floor plan options in our Shea3D communities, you will have plenty of space to gather around (and to make messes in!).
Make cooking as a family a yearly holiday tradition.

2. Decorate the House for the Season

Holiday decorations always make a house feel homier and cozier and doing it as a family allows for each person to create personal memories about particular decorations. Whether it’s the tree ornaments the kids made in school, the box of everyone’s old photos with Santa or a seasonal set of china that has been passed down, it’s fun to revisit these once-a-year items and reminisce together.

To add to the tradition and keep the fond memories coming each year, consider also crafting new decorations together. Easy, DIY crafts like candle holders, no-sew pillowcases or a holiday wreath can all be finished in one sitting and everyone will enjoy working together to create something so special that the teens in your family may even see fit to Instagram the occasion!


3. Travel to a Getaway Destination

Another special activity to do as a family is to take a holiday trip and explore a different place together. Maybe it’s a new location, or the same spot that you love returning to every winter – the important thing is the unique bonding time that you’re granted and the memories you will build as a family. Plus, by getting everyone out of the house and into a new environment, you create a special atmosphere that everyone will appreciate season after season. Can’t decide on a getaway destination this year? Consider a “staycation” that gets the whole family involved. Trilogy homes are beautifully built in many breathtaking locations, making even the backyard outing a brand new adventure.

Don't want to travel for the holidays? Consider a winter staycation in your own backyard.


4. Snap Some Family Photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much you could say about a holiday family photo! This tradition is a beautiful way to not only capture the memories of a certain year, but also to see the growth of your family from photo to photo. You can get professional photos done dressed up in your best holiday garb, or simply set up a tripod and enjoy the excitement of trying to beat your camera’s self-timer. You can then use the photo for your family’s annual holiday card, keep them in a personal photo album, or display them in your house to keep the tradition alive and well. Don’t forget to take a silly-faced version of the photo, too!


No matter how time passes and how things change around us, it is family that always remains constant, and the traditions that we celebrate together that hold throughout the years. Enjoy this season making new memories with the ones you cherish most!

Do you have a tradition your family keeps each year? Share it with us below!