10 Way To Be More AdventurousThe sun is shining, there’s a happy-go-lucky feeling circulating and all of the summer season’s excitement makes it feel like you’re right back in school anticipating the start of summer vacation! Remember how exhilarating the onset of three months of no responsibilities was? The prospect of new experiences, visiting new places, or simply having the extra time laughing bonding with loved ones – thrilling! Just because graduation was (a few) years ago, why let this carefree attitude fade? Don’t fall into a redundant summer routine – challenge yourself this summer to try new adventurous activities.

Try a cooking class

1. Take a cooking class
Knife skills, grilling the perfect steak or just laughing with friends as you try not to overcook the salmon, a cooking class is a fun way to spend an afternoon learning something new. Plus, sampling the dishes is required! Yum!

2. Go on a hike with a view- don’t forget your picnic basket! Pack a picnic and head to your local mountains for a hike. Or, just map out a couple mile walk around your neighborhood and plan on enjoying a light lunch in your own backyard. Road Trip with Friends 3. Hit the road Pack an overnight bag (just in case) and hit the open road! Along your trip, make it a priority to stop in as many small local shops and eateries as you can – what better way to experience and explore a new locale. If you end up traveling too far from home, find the closest B&B and stay the night! Experience a wine tasting class with your friends 4. Become a wine connoisseur Ok, you don’t need to become a sommelier or be ready to make your own wine, but knowing a little more about the wine you enjoy is always a good thing. There are plenty of wineries or classes available that will set out tastings, complete with food pairings, to help you learn the lingo, identify the varietals you like best, and know what to serve them with.  

5. Join a book club
Or start one yourself! There are some great reads that will be released as movies this year – try reading a few of the novels and heading to the theaters as a group to see if you liked the on screen or written version better.

Sign Up for A Golf Tournament

6. Compete in a local tennis or golf tournament
Many areas host tournaments for charities or fundraisers. Scout around your city to see if there are any upcoming matches to join. Try signing up as a single player – you’ll be more likely to get placed in a group with new people who you can get to know.


Kayaking Tour

7. Take a kayaking tour
Whether it’s in your own backyard or you take a day trip to a nearby city – kayaking is a fun way to explore the surroundings and get in a mini workout. Plus, with a guide, you’ll be sure to learn tips and tricks to keeping afloat as well as learn the most about the area you decide to paddle around.

8. Learn a new dance
From Bollywood to Salsa, pick a new dance and aim to master it (or at least get through a song!). Many Trilogy Athletic Clubs have fitness dance classes that will walk you learn the steps, or you can even find instructional videos online and learn a routine in your living room.

9. Host a wine and painting night at your house
Pick up a few of your favorite wine varietals, an introductory set of paints and brushes as well as a few canvases. After all the guests grab a glass of wine, set out a few bowls filled with summer produce into a simple still-life table setting. Once the creative juices get going see how each attendee interpreted the scene onto their canvas.

10. Be completely spontaneous
No plans are sometimes the best plans. Take a day (or a few) and simply do something you’ve always wanted to do – there are no limits!

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